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Barbara Newman Receives Watson Award

Barbara Newman Receives Watson Award


     COLUMBUS -- Barbara M. Newman, professor of family relations
and human development and former associate provost at The Ohio
State University, has received the 1993 William H. Watson
Memorial Award in recognition of her contributions to equal
educational opportunities for all Ohio State students.

     The award is presented annually by University College at
Ohio State to individuals or groups who embody the ideals and
personal qualities of William Watson, a former associate dean of
the college and professor of agricultural education who died in

     Newman, who has been an Ohio State faculty member since
1978, served as associate provost for faculty recruitment and
development from 1987 to 1992.  In that position, she led efforts
to recruit and retain minority students and faculty.

     During the July 12 ceremony at the Faculty Club presenting
her with the Watson Award, Newman was praised by Mac Stewart,
dean of University College.

     "It is rare to find the mix between personal philosophy,
commitment and untiring energy blended as well as it does in the
personage of Barbara Newman," he said.  "Dr. Newman exemplifies
the spirit of equal opportunity for all through her vigilant
support of such a philosophy.  These ideals are part of all that
Barbara Newman does in helping the university to carry out its
mission of teaching, research and service."

     In addition to teaching and research about parent-child
relationships and adolescent development, Newman presents
lectures on racial equality in a University College course for
new college students.  She and her husband, Philip Newman,
recently published a book, When Kids Go To College, which
includes discussion on values, development and discrimination.

     Stewart continued, "She has contributed an enormous amount
of time in meetings discussing and sharing her views on equal
access, academic support and retention of minority students and
faculty at Ohio State and other Big Ten universities.  Barbara's
message to students seems to have a common core: 'Respect, Love
and (like the Army) Be All That You Can Be.'  However, she, like
William H. Watson, did not stop there.  They said to Ohio State,
'We must help them to become all that they can be.'"

     Among the special guests at the luncheon were Catherine
Watson, widow of William H. Watson Jr.; her son William H. Watson
III, his wife Candace, and their daughter Tamara.  Mrs. Watson's
niece and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Woodard, and Candace
Watson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith, were also in


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