Message from The Ohio State University Men's Gymnastics Team to the people of Ukraine
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Buckeyes rally around Ukrainians at home and abroad

Ohio State groups send supplies, donations to Europe

Like so many other Columbus residents, students, faculty and staff at The Ohio State University have found ways to support Ukrainians as their country is under attack from Russia. Individuals and groups are working together to help Ukrainian refugees as well as those still in the eastern-European country.

The Ukrainian Society has been especially active. The student organization has held several fundraisers over the last month, including selling desserts, buttons and pins. The Desserts for Donations fundraiser raised more than $7,000, all of which was donated to Revived Ukrainian Soldiers, a group that provides medical and humanitarian aid.

All of this action is executed by a relatively small club in the middle of the midterms,” said Marianna Klochko, the club’s faculty adviser and associate professor of sociology at the university’s Marion campus. “On top of this existing stress, the Russian invasion increased the stress to catastrophic levels as many students have family, relatives and friends living in Ukraine. It is absolutely incredible that all these efforts took place while students were dealing with a great deal of anguish and anxiety.”

Third-year student Julia Nawara is working with family members in Poland to assist Ukrainian refugees. A parish and an orphanage in Rzeszow, Poland, is helping 50 families and needs bandages, gauze, children’s clothing, diapers, blankets and more. The university has helped Nawara coordinate her drive, and family members in Poland will ensure the items are received and delivered.

“As a Polish-American and someone who is going into the medical field, I had both the passion and means to intervene,” Nawara said. “With over 1 million Ukrainian refugees now in Poland, resources are being used quickly and hospitals are flooded. I think it is our responsibility to assist as much as possible because if this were happening to us, we would want help.”

Ohio State students collecting donations for Ukraine at the RPACDonations are being accepted at the Recreation and Physical Activity Center on Thursday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Nawara is also taking donations from students at her residence hall, Nosker House, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. today through Friday.

“The Ohio State community has been a tremendous help,” she said. “From donations to volunteering to help, there has been an uprising of generosity from the community. It truly makes me proud to be a Buckeye.”

Ohio State’s men’s gymnastics team also gathered donations. In a video, head coach Rustam Sharipov said, “We continue to support our Ukrainian friends. I know they are far away and are struggling right now.”

The university’s Office of International Affairs has a guide for donations, including a list of vetted organizations. Information about academic events from a variety of colleges – to help provide context for the ongoing situation – is also available on the website. Most importantly, the office has information about resources for immigration, cybersecurity and general support for all members of the Ohio State community.

“At this difficult moment, it is impressive to see students, faculty and staff join together to deepen their understanding of the conflict and provide support and resources to those affected by the war in Ukraine,” said Gil Latz, vice provost for global strategies and international affairs.  

Ohio State is committed to offering support for students, faculty and staff impacted by the war, including:

·         Office of Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service and Multicultural Center

·         Office of Diversity and Inclusion

·         Ohio State’s Employee Assistance Program

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