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Campus-area development at 15th and High hits milestone

May opening planned for Building A

One of the most dramatic development projects in the campus area is nearing the final stages. Campus Partners’ 15+HIGH project is now 60% complete.

The project, which sits on 9 acres east of the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University, will have four main buildings and a public square, and will feature restaurants, bars and retail stores. It promises to be an exciting gathering space at Ohio State’s front door.

“15+HIGH was an attempt to bring the university across High Street for the first time and begin to really engage with the neighborhood in a direct and meaningful way,” said Keith Myers, vice president of Planning, Architecture and Real Estate.

Some of the projects are nearing completion. Building A, opening in May, is mixed-use and serves as home to Ohio State’s Office of Advancement. The building features office and retail space and an event center. 

Building B1, also mixed-use, began construction in December 2020 with a targeted project completion date of February 2022. In addition, WOSU Public Media’s headquarters, located at 14th and Pearl, is scheduled to open this spring. A signature hotel and parking garage are also envisioned on the site, but a timeline is to be determined.

The project will transform Pearl Alley into a vibrant, safe, urban pedestrian alley. By reclaiming bricks and salvaging materials from old buildings, Campus Partners aims to create a home for new dynamic ventures. Architectural elements east of High Street will complement the construction at Ohio State, adding spaces for restaurants, bars and retail stores in the vibrant new neighborhood.

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