12:00 AM

City of Columbus to implement parking ban this weekend

On Saturday (10/25), the Columbus Police Department will implement a parking ban in the campus area in response to the Ohio State vs. Penn State game. The parking ban take place from 9 a.m. on Saturday (10/25) until 8 a.m. Sunday (10/26).

The parking ban will impact the following streets:

· Lane Avenue between Tuller Street and Indianola Avenue, both sides of the street

· Chittenden Avenue between High and Summit Street, both sides of the street

Parking Accommodations - Any vehicle affected by the parking ban will be allowed to park on Ohio State's West Campus Carmack #1 parking lot as early as noon on Friday. The lot is located at the southwest corner of Carmack and Kenny Rd. near the Jesse Owens West Recreation Center. No permits will be required for this lot from Friday at noon through midnight Sunday (10/26).

Moving of Vehicles - Starting on Saturday (10/25) at 9 a.m., Columbus Police and wreckers will begin moving vehicles parked on the listed streets to Carmack Lot # 1. If the city tows a vehicle at that time, it will be moved free of charge to the Carmack lot.

Impounding of Vehicles - Any vehicle that is parked on the listed streets after the initial moving period will be issued a parking ticket and impounded to the Columbus Division of Police impound lot at 400 West Whittier Avenue. Individuals believing their vehicle may have been towed should call (614) 645-6400 with license plate information and the location where the vehicle was parked.

The cost to retrieve an impounded vehicle will be at least $160 depending on the specific violation cited and how quickly the owner claims the car. The towing fee is $95 and there is a $15/day storage fee that starts immediately after the vehicle arrives at the impound lot.