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Comic Strip Centennial 1995 Calendar of Events

               The Centennial of The American
                   Newspaper Comic Strip
                  1995 CALENDAR OF EVENTS

Before the Yellow Kid:  Precursors of the Comic Strip

     This exhibition traces the roots of the newspaper comic
strip  in   English  and   American  broadsides   and  humor
magazines.   Work by  Paul Revere,  James  Gillray,  William
Hogarth  and  many  others  will  be  displayed  along  with
examples of R.F. Outcault's famed Yellow Kid.  Free.

     Jan. 9-April 21, 1995

     Cartoon, Graphic, and Photographic Arts Research
Library, The Ohio State University, 023L Wexner, 27 W. 17th
Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43210.

A Salute to Miss Lace:  Milton Caniff's World War II Comic
Strip "Male Call"

     Milton Caniff  created "Male  Call" especially  for the
armed forces  and it  was an enormous favorite with enlisted
men around  the world.   "A Salute-" is the first exhibition
devoted exclusively  to this  famous comic strip and its run
coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of V-E Day.  Free.

     May 1-July 14, 1995

     Cartoon, Graphic, and Photographic Arts Research

See You in the Funny Papers:  American Life as Reflected in
the Newspaper Comic Strip

     From the  Yellow Kid  to Calvin,  the comic  strip  has
reflected the  time in  which it  was created.   How  social
changes, current  events, and  the  values  of  readers  are
incorporated  into   the  funnies   is  the  theme  of  this
exhibition.  Free.

     Aug. 1-Oct. 27, 1995

     Cartoon, Graphic, and Photographic Arts Research

Anything Can Happen in a Comic Strip:  Centennial
Reflections on an American Art Form

     Cartoonists who  draw comic  strips use  a  variety  of
means to  entertain and  engage readers.  Among the vehicles
used are  characters which  cross from one strip to another,
parodies of  comic strips, and the humorous use of the tools
of the  medium such  as speech balloons and cartoon symbols.
This  exhibition   focuses  on   comic  strips  that  mirror
themselves,    thereby     demonstrating    the     artistic
sophistication  of   one  of   the  most  popular  newspaper
features.   Cartoonists' self-caricatures  from the  private
collection of Mark J. Cohen will also be featured.  Free.

     July 30-Aug. 27, 1995

     Columbus Cultural Arts Center, 139 W. Main St.,

Iridescent Polychromous Effulgence:  Newspaper Comic Strips
at the Turn of the Century

     William Randolph  Hearst used the colorful phrase which
is the title of this exhibition to describe the weekly color
supplement of comic strips published in his newspaper.  This
exhibition will  display historic  comic strip  tear  sheets
from the  turn of  the century, allowing visitors to examine
both these  early features  and the  way in  which they were
presented in newspapers.  Free.

LECTURE:  The Yellow Kid Centennial Address

     R.F. Outcault's  Yellow Kid,  star of the first popular
comic strip,  made its  newspaper debut Feb. 17, 1895 in the
New York  World.    Richard  Olson,  research  professor  of
psychology at  the University  of New Orleans, will describe
the birth  of the  comic strip  as an American art form in a
lecture and  slides on  the 100th  anniversary of the Yellow
Kid's debut.  Free.

     Feb. 17, 1995 - 7:30 p.m.

     Ohio Union Conference Theater, The Ohio State
University, 1739 N. High St., Columbus.

FESTIVAL:  Fifth Triennial Festival of Cartoon Art

     Featured speakers  include  cartoonists  Lynn  Johnston
("For Better  or For Worse"), Jeff MacNelly, ("Shoe"), Garry
Trudeau  ("Doonesbury"),   Bill  Amend  ("Fox  Trot"),  Robb
Armstrong   ("Jump    Start"),   Bruce   Beattie   ("Beattie
Boulevard"), Steve  Bentley ("Herb  and Jamaal"),  and  Bill
Griffith ("Zippy  the Pinhead").   Armstrong is president of
the National  Cartoonists Society;  Beattie and MacNelly are
syndicated editorial  cartoonists.  Speakers also include M.
Thomas Inge,  Blackwell Professor  of  Humanities,  Randolph
Macon  College;   Scott  McCloud,  author  of  Understanding
Comics; Toni  Mendez, licensing  agent for products based on
comic strips;  Trina Robbins,  author of  A Century of Women
Cartoonists;  Lee   Salem,  vice   president  and  editorial
director, Universal  Press Syndicate,  Nancy Tew,  editorial
projects manager,  Los  Angeles  Times,  and  Anita  Tobias,
executive  vice   president,  Creators   Syndicate.  Persons
interested in  attending may  call (614) 292-0538 to request
that their  names be  added to the mailing list.  There is a
registration fee.

     Aug. 25-26, 1995

     The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210.

                       IF YOU GO....
The  Cartoon,   Graphic,  and   Photographic  Arts  Research
Library, 23  W. 17th  Ave., Columbus,  is  adjacent  to  the
Wexner Center  for the  Arts at  Ohio State.  The library is
located along  the center's  outdoor gridwork  between  High
Street and  College Avenue.  From Interstate 70, go north on
Ohio 315 to Lane Avenue, east on Lane, then south on High to
either of  two parking  garages.   The Wexner  Center is one
block between the garages.  Telephone: (614) 292-0538.

The Ohio  Union Conference Theater, 1639 N. High St., is two
buildings south of the Wexner Center.

The Columbus  Cultural Arts  Center, 139  W. Main St., is at
the corner  of Second Street.  From Interstate 70 eastbound,
take Exit  100A; go north on Front Street three blocks, then
west on  Main   two blocks.  From I- 70 westbound, take Exit
100B and  go north on Fourth Street two blocks to Main, then
west on  Main four  blocks to  Second.   From Interstate 71,
take Ohio  315 north one exit to U.S. 62 (Rich Street), then
east on  U.S. 62 (becomes Main) to Second.  Telephone: (614)


EXHIBITION:  The Sunday Funnies: 100 Years of Comics in
American Life

     Dec. 1, 1994-April 30, 1995

     Barnum Museum, 820 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. 06604.
(203) 331-9881.

EXHIBITION:  The Next Step: Sequential Art

     Selected works by contemporary comic book artists
Robert Stull, Hannibal King, and Louis Small Jr.

     Aug. 24-Oct. 14, 1995

     Martin Luther King Jr. Performing & Cultural Arts
Complex, 867 Mount Vernon, Columbus,Ohio. (614) 252-5464.

POSTAGE STAMPS:  American Comic Strips

     The U.S.  Postal Service  will unveil  designs  for  20
stamps commemorating  historic comic  strips in  May   for a
planned  release   in  October.    Dates  and  sites  to  be

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