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Emergency Phone System Expanded at Ohio State


     COLUMBUS -- Three new and improved telephones have been
added this autumn to The Ohio State University's network of
emergency telephones across the Columbus campus.

     The three new phones raise the number of locations to 34.
The goal is to eventually have the phones at all campus bus

     The network of emergency phones has served Ohio State for
more than 20 years.  Each phone is connected directly to
University Police and is identified at night by a bright bluish

     The new phones are more visible, easier to operate by
pushing a button rather than lifing a receiver, and have braille
signage next to the button.  In addition, when the button is
pushed, a light flashes atop the telephone stand.

     The new phones will be evaluated for further use as the
network is expanded and as replacement for the older telephones.
The new phones are located at the southeast corner of the Ohio
Union Parking Ramp, at the Drake Union, and at the Drake Union
bus stop on the east side of Cannon Drive.

     Installation of the phones was a joint effort of University
Police, Transportation, Division of Traffic and Parking and the
Office of Physical Facilities.  The project was coordinated by
the Office of Business and Administration.

Contact:  Ronald A. Michalec, deputy police chief, at 292-3590
and Gregory T. Ashe, director of telephone services, at 292-8845.

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