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​Experience in Hungary expands education for scholarship winner

Scholarships helped Nathan Grine spend five weeks in Europe. Source: Nathan Grine

From Liberty Center in northwest Ohio to the Liberty Statue in Budapest, traveling abroad has broadened the horizons of Nathan Grine.

Grine is a second-year strategic communications major at The Ohio State University. He grew up in Liberty Center, a town just outside of Toledo. This summer he spent five weeks in Hungary as well as parts of Poland and Austria.

“My grandfather was from Hungary. He came over when he was 19 to escape the 1956 revolution,” Grine said. His grandfather’s stories drew him to the idea of traveling abroad.

While in Europe, he and his classmate learned about politics, culture and history. He said the bond between the students he traveled with remains.

“It connects you to the world,” he said. “It makes you a global citizen. It makes you a traveler, not a tourist.”

The Wolfe Study Abroad Scholarship and the Keith and Linda Monda International Experience Scholarship helped fund Grine’s trip.

Ohio State students study abroad in Budapest. Source: Nathan Grine

Scholarships have also fueled his education. Grine is a member of the Mount Leadership Society and Morrill Diversity Scholars program.

His experiences are supported by the But for Ohio State campaign. The seven-year fundraising effort raised more than $3 billion – including $520 million for scholarships.

“It takes a financial burden off of you that most students worry about,” Grine said. “It allows me to focus on what I really should focus on which is academics, networking, professional development and growth.”

Grine said he loves public speaking and is applying to be an intern on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. At some point he said he wants his own talk show or radio show. A role as a leadership instructor is also something he aspires to.

“I love interacting with people,” he said.

Grine sees more travel in his future – an experience he hopes all Buckeyes take part in.

“The skills that I learned while abroad are applicable in my personal life and my professional life,” he said. “I have a newfound appreciation for people and humanity and culture.”