Linda Chlan

Distinguished Professor of Symptom Management Research

Linda Chlan

College of Nursing
Phone: 614-292-8341
Topics: health

Research Interests

Dr. Chlan's program of research focuses on symptom management for critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilatory support. Her studies focus on testing non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions to promote patient self-management of anxiety. Other research interests include integrative therapies to reduce symptom burden and distress.

Current and Recently Completed Funded Grants (within past 5 years)

1R21 NR012795 (NINR, NIH) Testing the feasibility of patient controlled sedation in ventilated ICU patients (MPI: L. Chlan & C. Weinert) $275,000 2/15/2012-1/31/2014.

Center for Excellence in Critical Care Seed Grant, Academic Health Center, University of Minnesota: Bioelectric impedance as a measure of muscle mass in mechanically ventilated ICU patients (L. Chlan, Principal Investigator) $5,000 2/2010-3/2011.

Center for Spirituality & Healing Seed Grant, Academic Health Center, University of Minnesota: Feasibility and acceptability of a video imagery/music DVD with patients: A pilot study. A. Heiderscheit, PI. (L. Chlan, co-investigator) $5,000 8/2010-8/2011.

University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview Nursing Research Fund: Grip strength assessment in patients receiving mechanical ventilatory support. MF Tracy, PI (L. Chlan, co-PI). $3,100 2/2008-3/2011.

1RO1 NR009295 (NINR, NIH): Reducing sedative exposure in ventilated ICU patients (L. Chlan, Principal Investigator) $1,800,000 4/1/2006-6/30/2011.

Academic Health Center Research Development Grant, University of Minnesota: Patient-controlled sedation feasibility study (L. Chlan, Principal Investigator) $91,169 1/2006-1/2010.

Selected Publications (most recent)

Chlan, L., Engeland, W. & Savik, K. (2012). Does music influence stress in mechanically ventilated patients? Intensive & Critical Care Nursing. In Press.

Chlan, L. & Hertz, M. (2012). Integrative Therapies in Lung Health and Sleep. New York: Humana Press/Springer Publishing.

Chlan, L., Tracy, M. F. & Grossbach,I. (2011). Achieving quality patient-ventilator management: Advancing evidence-based nursing care. Critical Care Nurse, 31 (6), 46-50.

Jenabzadeh, N. & Chlan, L. (2011). A nurse’s experience being intubated and receiving mechanical ventilation. Critical Care Nurse, 31(6), 51-54.

Heiderscheit, A., Chlan, L., Donnelly, K. (2011). Instituting a music listening intervention for critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilation: Exemplars from two patient cases. Music and Medicine, 3(4), 239-245.

Chlan, L., Guttormson, J., & Savik, K. (2011). Tailoring a treatment fidelity framework for an intensive care unit (ICU) clinical trial. Nursing Research, 60(5), 348-353.

Grossbach, I., Chlan, L. & Tracy, M. F. (2011). Overview of mechanical ventilatory support and management of patient- and ventilator-related responses. Critical Care Nurse, 31(3), 30-45.

Grossbach, I., Stranberg, S. & Chlan, L. (2011). Promoting effective communication for patients receiving mechanical ventilation. Critical Care Nurse, 31(3), 46-61.

Tracy, M. F. & Chlan, L. (2011). Nonpharmacological interventions to manage common symptoms in patients receiving mechanical ventilation. Critical Care Nurse, 31(3), 19-28.

Chlan, L., Patterson, R., & Heiderscheit, A. (2011). Data acquisition for a patient-directed intervention protocol in the dynamic intensive care unit setting. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 32, 544-546.

Chlan, L. & Savik, K. (2011). Patterns of anxiety in critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilatory support. Nursing Research,60(3S), S50-S57.

Chlan, L. (2010). Music Intervention. In Snyder, M. & Lindquist, R. (Eds.). Complementary/Alternative Therapies in Nursing (6th ed., pp. 91-105).New York,NY: Springer Publishing Company.

Lindell, K., Chlan, L. & Hoffman, L. (2010). Nursing perspectives on 24/7 Intensivist coverage. American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine, 182, 1338-1340.

Chlan, L., Weinert, C., Skaar, D. & Tracy, M. F. (2010). Patient-controlled sedation: A novel approach to sedation management for mechanically ventilated patients. CHEST, 138(5), 1045-1053.

Guttormson, J., Chlan, L., Weinert, C., & Savik, K. (2010). Factors influencing nurse sedation practices with mechanically ventilated patients: A U.S. national survey. Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 26, 44-50.

Chlan, L., Guttormson, J.,Tracy, M. F., & Lindstrom Bremer, K. (2009). Strategies for over-coming site and recruitment challenges in research studies based in Intensive Care Units. American Journal of Critical Care, 18(5), 410-417.

Chlan, L. & Heiderscheit, A. (2009). A tool for music preference assessment with critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilatory support. Music Therapy Perspectives, 27(1), 42-47.

Chlan, L. (2009). A review of the evidence for music intervention to manage anxiety in critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilatory support. Archives in Psychiatric Nursing, 23(2), 177-179.

Sabo, J. & Chlan, L. (2008). Densford Clinical Scholars: Effects of three groin compression techniques on patient comfort and groin complications after a percutaneous coronary intervention procedure. Creative Nursing, 14(1), 45-46.

Sabo, J., Chlan, L., & Savik, K. (2008). Relationship among patient characteristics and vascular complications post-percutaneous coronary intervention. Heart & Lung, 37(3), 190-195.

Professional Service, Honors and Awards (most recent)


Professional Organizations

American Thoracic Society (ATS): Critical Care Societies Collaborative national awards committee reviewer; Nursing Assembly Program and Planning Committee; Multidisciplinary ICU-acquired weakness Work Group

Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS): Board Secretary; member Executive Committee

Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM): Nursing Section Steering Committee; SCCM Research Committee

Editorial Boards

Critical Care Alert (Associate Editor)

Heart & Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care

Music & Medicine

Scientific World Journal: Nursing Domain

Review Activity

American Journal of Critical Care

Biological Research for Nursing

Critical Care Medicine

Intensive Care Medicine

Japan Journal of Nursing Science

Nursing Research

Research in Nursing & Health

Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management

Worldviews on Evidence-based Nursing

Honors and Awards

Fellow, American Academy of Nursing (2012)

Ciricle of Excellence Award, American Association of Critical Care Nurses (May 2012)

Presidential Citation for contribution to Society of Critical Care Medicine (2011; 2012)

DAISY Foundation Faculty Mentor Award (May 2011)

Distinguished Centennial Faculty Award, University of Minnesota School of Nursing (November 2009)

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