Matthew During


Matthew During

College of Medicine
Phone: 614-247-4351
Topics: Cancer research, Immunology


Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics

Joint Appointments

Professor, Neurological Surgery
Professor, Neuroscience

Contact Information:


912 Biomedical Research Tower
460 W 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: (614) 247-4351
Fax: (614) 688-0731


1978 B.S., University of Auckland, Human Biology
1982 M.D., University of Auckland, Medicine & Surgery
1987 Postdoctoral, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Neuroscience/Biochemistry
2003 Sc.D., University of Auckland, Neuroscience & Genetics

Research Interests:

AAV vectors in the nervous system, Canavan disease, Parkinson's disease

Selected Publications:

During, M.J. and Spencer, D.D. 1993. Extracellular hippocampal glutamate and spontaneous seizure in the conscious human brain. Lancet. Vol. 341: 1607-1610.
During, M.J., Naegele, J., O'Malley, K.L. and Geller, A.I. 1994. Long-term behavioral recovery in Parkinsonian rats by an HSV vector expressing tyrosine hydroxylase. Science. Vol. 266: 1399-1403.
Kaplitt, M.G., Leone, P., Xiao, X., Samulski, R.J, Pfaff, D.W., O'Malley, K.L. and During, M.J. 1994. Long-term gene expression and phenotypic correction using adeno-associated virus vectors in the mammalian brain. Nature Genetics. Vol. 8: 148-154.
During, M.J., Leone, P., Davis, K.E., Kerr, D. and Sherwin, R.S. 1995. Glucose modulates rat substantia nigra GABA release in the freely-moving rat via an effect on ATP-sensitive potassium channels. J. Clin. Invest.. Vol. 95: 2403-2408.
During, M.J., Ryder K.M. and Spencer, D.D. 1995. Hippocampal GABA transporter function in temporal lobe epilepsy. Nature. Vol. 376: 174-177.
Geller, A.I., Naegele, J.R., O'Malley, K.L. and During, M.J. 1995. Behavioral effects and gene delivery in parkinson rat model. Science. Vol. 269: 856-857.
During , M.J. 1996. Gene therapy chronology. Science. Vol. 273: 416-417.
During, M.J. 1996. Gene therapy in New Zealand. Science. Vol. 272: 467.
During, M.J. 1996. Gene trial in New Zealand. Lancet. Vol. 348: 618.
During, M.J., Samulski, R.J., Leone, P., Kaplitt, M.G., Freese, A. Xiao, X., Elsworth, J.D., Roth, R.H., Sladek, J.R.Jr., O'Malley, K.L. and Redmond, D.E. 1998. In vivo expression of therapeutic human genes for dopamine production in the caudates of MPTP-treated monkeys using an AAV vector. Gene Therapy. Vol. 5: 820-827.
During, M.J., Xu, R., Young, D., Kaplitt, M.G., Sherwin, R.S. and Leone, P. 1998. Peroral gene therapy of lactose intolerance using an AAV vector. Nature Medicine. Vol. 4: 1131-1135.
Song, S., Wang, Y., Bak, S-Y, During, M.J. et al. 1998. Modulation of Rat Rotational Behavior by Direct Gene Transfer of Protein Kinase C into Nigrostriatal Neurons. J. Neurosci. Vol. 18: 4119-4132.
During, M.J., Janson, C.G. 1999. PNAs breach the blood-brain barrier. Nature Biotechnology. Vol. 17: 753-754.
Young, D., Lawlor, P., Leone, P., Dragunow, M., During, M.J. 1999. Environmental enrichment inhibits spontaneous neuronal apoptosis and prevents neuronal injury in the rat. Nature Medicine. Vol. 5: 448-453.
During, M.J., Symes, C.A., Lawlor, P.A., Lin, J., Dunning J., Fitzsimons, H.L., Poulsen, D., Leone, P., Xu, R., Dicker, B.L., Lipski, J., Young, D. 2000. An Oral Vaccine Against NMDAR1 with efficacy in Experimental Stroke and Epilepsy. Science. Vol. 287: 1453-1460.
Leone, P., Janson, C.G., Bilianuk, L., Wang, J., Sorgi, F. McPhee, S., Haung, L., Matolon, R., Kaul. R., Freese, A., Young, D., Xu, R., McPhee, S., Mee, E., During, M.J. 2000. Apartoacylase gene transfer to the mammalian nervous system with therapeutic implications for Canavan Disease. Ann. Neurol. Vol. 48: 27-38.
Leone, P; Janson, C, G; Bilaniuk, L; Wang, Z; Sorgi, F; Huang, L; Matalon, R; Kaul, R; Zeng, Z; Freese, A; McPhee, S, W; Mee, E; During, M, J; Bilianuk, L. 2000. Aspartoacylase gene transfer to the mammalian central nervous system with therapeutic implications for Canavan disease. Annals of neurology. Vol. 48, no. 1.
Telfeian, A, E; Federoff, H, J; Leone, P; During, M, J; Williamson, A. 2000. Overexpression of GluR6 in rat hippocampus produces seizures and spontaneous nonsynaptic bursting in vitro. Neurobiology of disease. Vol. 7, no. 4.
Dumon, K, R; Ishii, H; Fong, L, Y; Zanesi, N; Fidanza, V; Mancini, R; Vecchione, A; Baffa, R; Trapasso, F; During, M, J; Huebner, K; Croce, C M. 2001. FHIT gene therapy prevents tumor development in Fhit-deficient mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Vol. 98, no. 6.
Dumon, K, R; Ishii, H; Vecchione, A; Trapasso, F; Baldassarre, G; Chakrani, F; Druck, T; Rosato, E, F; Williams, N, N; Baffa, R; During, M, J; Huebner, K; Croce, C M. 2001. Fragile histidine triad expression delays tumor development and induces apoptosis in human pancreatic cancer. Cancer research. Vol. 61, no. 12.
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