Stephen Gavazzi


Stephen Gavazzi

College of Education and Human Ecology
Phone: 419-755-4221
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Dr. Gavazzi’s research focuses on how families influence the development and well-being of children and adolescents. Currently, Dr. Gavazzi has established a research program that identifies the impact of family dynamics on child and adolescent development, psychopathology, and problem behaviors. Dr. Gavazzi has been involved in the development and evaluation of a number of family-based programming efforts, including a multifamily psycho education group for families containing children with mood disorders. This effort has been implemented and evaluated through a grant from the National Institutes for Mental Health. Dr. Gavazzi has been an advisor to 24 students who have completed theses and doctoral dissertations over the last twenty years. This includes 10 undergraduate students who completed an honors thesis as part of their scholarly work in the Department of Human Development and Family Science. These undergraduate students worked in a variety of interest areas, most of which surrounded the impact of family factors on the development and well-being of adolescents. Currently, however, Dr. Gavazzi is unable to conduct research projects with undergraduates.

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