Jeffrey Lewis

Lecturer, International Studies Program

Jeffrey Lewis

College of Arts and Sciences
Topics: national security

I received my B.A. in history from Case Western Reserve University in 1992. In 1994, I received my M.A. from Ohio State University, specializing in European history. I received my Ph. D. in European history from Ohio State University in 2002. The subject of my dissertation is the history of molecular biology in twentieth century Germany. Overall my research focuses on the history of science and technology, particularly their importance for national policy and security concerns.

I was the recipient of a Fulbright Grant during the 1999-2000 academic year, a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) grant in 2001, in 2002 I was a guest scholar of Germany’s Max-Planck-Society for the Advancement of the Sciences and since 2007 have been involved in the START Center (Studies on Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism) located at the University of Maryland. My teaching career began in 1992 as a graduate teaching associate in the Department of History at Ohio State. Since January 2003 I have been teaching in the Undergraduate International Studies Program where my courses focus on current security issues.

Among the courses I teach are “Terror and Terrorism,” “The Development and Control of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction,’” and “Science, Technology, and the Cold War.” In recent years my focus has been on suicide bombing as a form of control technology. My article “Precision Terror: Suicide Bombing as Control Technology” appeared in the journal Terrorism and Political Violence in 2007 (v. 19 #2), and a second article on suicide bombing, “Self-Sacrifice as Innovation: The Strategic and Tactical Utility of Martyrdom,” appeared in the journal Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict 1 (1) March 2008. The Business of Martyrdom is my first book.

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