Per Sederberg

Assistant Director and Associate Director of Controlled Cognitive Science

Per Sederberg

College of Arts and Sciences
Topics: psychology, memory, behavior

My primary interests are the successes and failures of human memory. These interests motivate our work in the OSU Computational Memory Lab, which has the overarching goal of developing a comprehensive theory of memory formation and retrieval that links our rich cognitive behavior to its underlying neural mechanisms.

Psychologists have studied many simple behavioral tasks, such as free recall, for over 100 years. These tasks reveal the complex dynamics of human memory processes as we track what participants remember correctly and, often more interestingly, what they don't. My lab combines a number of approaches to uncover the neural correlates and develop computational models of these processes: we collect and perform multivariate analysis of neural data, including fMRI and EEG, we run large-scale behavioral experiments, and we develop computational models to link neural activity and behavior and to guide our experimental work.

Please follow the link to my lab website on the right for more information about the research and people in the OSU Computational Memory Lab.

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