Eric Seiber

Associate Professor of Health Services Management and Policy

Eric Seiber

College of Public Health
Phone: 614-247-4471
Topics: health


PhD, Economics, Tulane University, 1999 Fields: Health, Development, and Econometrics

Bachelor of Science, Physics and International Studies, Eckerd College, 1994

Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia, 1993

Selected Publications

Seiber EE (In Press). "Which states enroll their Medicaid eligible children with immigrant parents?" Health Services Research.

Kong MC, Nahata M, Lacombe VA, Seiber EE, and Balkrishnan R (2012). Racial Differences in Perinatal depression among HIV-infected Women. Health Outcomes Research in Medicine, v3(2):e103-e110.

Karve S, Balkrishnan R, Seiber EE, Nahata M, Levine DA (In Press). "Population Trends and Disparities in Outpatient Utilization of Neurologists for Ischemic Stroke." Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases.

Kong MC, Nahata M, Lacombe VA, Seiber EE, and Balkrishnan R (In Press). "Association between Race, Depression, and Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence in a Low-Income Population with HIV Infection". Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Song PH, Lee SD, Alexander JA, and Seiber EE (In Press). "Hospital Ownership and Community Benefits: Looking Beyond Uncompensated Care". Journal of Healthcare Management.

Seiber EE, Sweeney HA, Partridge J, Dembe AE, and Jones H (In Press). "Mental Health Community Based Funding: Ohio's Experience in Revising its Funding Allocation Methodology". Community Mental Health.

Candrilli SD, O’Brien SH, Ware RE, Nahata MC, Seiber EE, and Balkrishnan R (2011). "Hydroxyurea Adherence and Associated Outcomes in Medicaid Enrollees with Sickle Cell Disease" American Journal of Hematology, v86(3):273-277.

Wu J, Seiber EE, Lacombe VA, Nahata MC, and Balkrishnan R (2011). "Medical utilization and Costs Associated with Statin Adherence in Medicaid Enrollees with Type 2 Diabetes". Annals of Pharmacotherapy, v45(3):342-349.

Seiber EE and Mariotti A (2011). "Utilization of Oral Health Care by Children in Ohio". Journal of the American Dental Association, v142(3):302-308.

Wu J, Balkrishnan R, Seiber EE, Lacombe VA, and Nahata MC (2011). "Predictors of Statin Adherence in Medicaid Enrollees with Type 2 Diabetes and Comorbid Hyperlipidemia". Obesity and Metabolism, v6(4):111-116.

Seiber EE and Sahr T (2011). "Public-Private Substitution among Medicaid Adults - Evidence from Ohio". Medicare and Medicaid Research Review, v1(1).

Pawaskar MD, Burch SP, Seiber EE, Iaconi A, and Balkrishnan R (2010). "Medicaid Payment Mechanisms: Impact of health plan type on medication adherence and healthcare utilization in type 2 diabetes Medicaid enrollees". Population Health Management v13(4), 209-218.

Seiber EE and Florence CS (2010). "SCHIP's Role in the Small Group Health Insurance Market", Health Services Research, v45(1), 230-245.

Murden RA and Seiber EE. How can cost-effectiveness information help control unsustainable growth in U.S. health care spending? Annals of Internal Medicine. 150(1): 2009. 58.

Seiber EE, Smith CM, and Tanenbaum SJ. Who treats limited English proficient patients? Implications for Linguistic Access Initiatives. Ethnicity and Disease. 19(4): 2009. 433-438.

Song PH, Barlow JD, Seiber EE and McAlearney AS. Competition in Health Care. In: Kris Heggenhougen and Stella Quah, editors International Encyclopedia of Public Health, Vol 1. San Diego: Academic Press; 2008. pp.818-823

Robinson AL and Seiber EE (2008). "Does community mitigate the negative effect of poverty on adolescent condom use in South Africa?" International Family Planning Perspectives, v34(3), 121-126

Seiber EE, Bertrand JT, and Sullivan T (2007). "Changes in Contraceptive Method Mix in Developing Countries", International Family Planning Perspectives, v33(3), 117-123.

Seiber EE and Robinson AL (2007). "Microfinance Investments in Quality at Private Clinics in Uganda", BMC Health Services Research, 7:168

Urofsky RI, Seiber EE, and Hoffman NG (2007) "UNCOPE: Evaluation of a Brief Screen for Detecting Substance Dependence among Juvenile Justice Populations", Journal of School Counseling, v5(17).

Seiber EE (2007) "Physician Code Creep: Evidence in Medicaid and State Health Insurance Billing", Health Care Financing Review, v28(4), 83-94.

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