12:00 AM

Gee endorses new sustainable energy proposal

COLUMBUS – Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee today (2/9) participated in an announcement in Washington, D.C. of a major proposal aimed at transforming the nation's energy policy.

Sponsored by the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program, the event introduced a new Blueprint for American Prosperity report, "Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes: A Step toward Energy Sustainability," The report calls for increased federal funding of up to $6 billion for sustainable energy programs and the creation of a national network of regional energy-oriented research centers largely based at universities in partnership with laboratories.

According to the proposal, these Energy Discovery-Innovation Institutes (e-DIIs) would leverage the increased federal funding, eventually building to an annual $20 to $30 billion annual investment in sustainable energy initiatives.

"Ohio State is the source of a great deal of promising work on new energy development," said Gee, who co-endorsed the proposal with Arizona State University President Michael M. Crow. "Now is the moment to leverage that work with the creation of a new intellectual infrastructure. To do so, we are fully committed to broadening and extending partnerships – with private industry, government, our national laboratories, Battelle, and other institutions."

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown also participated in the announcement.

"World class green energy research and development is imperative if our nation is to meet the challenges of the next century," Brown said. "Today's event showcases the ground-breaking efforts of the Ohio State University and Dr. Gee's leadership to transform our nation's energy system. From green energy research to green energy manufacturing, Ohio is ready to lead the nation as we create a green energy supply line that will turn around our economy and stem the tide of climate change."

For further information on the proposal, see http://www.brookings.edu/reports/2009/0209_energy_innovation_muro.aspx