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Journalist Carl Rowan Will Meet with Reporters

                         NEWS ADVISORY:

     Carl Rowan, journalist, author and former diplomat, will be
the keynote speaker for the 49th anniversary dinner of the United
Negro College Fund on Thursday, Oct. 28, in Columbus.  Rowan is
one of America's most distinguished journalists and commentators.

     Prior to the dinner, Rowan will meet with reporters at 4:30
p.m. in the second floor ballroom of the University Club, 21 E.
State St.  A multbox will be provided.  The topic of Rowan's
speech at the dinner is "A View from Washington."

     A native of Tennessee, Rowan, 68, attended Tennessee State
University and Washburn University.  He then served during World
War II as one of the first 15 African Americans to earn a
commissioned rank in the U.S. Navy.  After the war, he received a
bachelor's degree in 1947 from Oberlin College and a master's
degree in journalism in 1948 from the University of Minnesota.
As a reporter for the Minneapolis Tribune, he wrote articles and
books about bigotry in the South that drew national acclaim.  He
subsequently became the only journalist to receive the Sigma
Delta Chi medallion for journalistic excellence in three
successive years.

     President Kennedy appointed Rowan as deputy assistant
secretary of state from 1961-63 and as ambassador to Finland in
1963-64.  President Johnson named Rowan as director of the U.S.
Information Agency in 1964-65.

     Rowan, a syndicated newspaper columnist since 1965, has done
award-winning television documentaries on drug abuse, the
Constitution and racial warfare in Africa.  His seventh book,
Dream Makers, Dream Breakers: The World of Justice Thurgood
Marshall, was published earlier this year.  He also began a
scholarship program, "Project Excellence," six years ago to
encourage Black high school students to achieve academically.
Rowan has received 44 honorary degrees.  He and his wife, Vivien,
live in Washington, D.C.

     For more information on the news availability, contact Steve
Sterrett, director of news services at Ohio State, at 292-8472 or
Sarah Austin, special assistant to the president for business-
community relations, at 292-6569.

     The dinner will be at 7 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 350
N. High St.  The event is one of the highlights of the UNCF's
annual campaign for its 41 member colleges and universities.
UNCF's national goal for 1993 is $59 million, and the central
Ohio area goal is $1,088,000.  Reporters are welcome to cover
Rowan's dinner speech.  Excerpts from the speech may be broadcast
in news reports only.  Reporters interested in attending the
dinner should contact James L. Allen at the UNCF office in
Columbus at 221-5309.

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