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​Kiplinger Program Names 25 Fellows for 2015

Columbus, Ohio – Twenty-five journalists from newsrooms around the world have been named 2015 Kiplinger Fellows at Ohio State University.

The 2015 class includes reporters and editors from a diverse range of news organizations in the United States and seven other countries: Canada, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia, Peru, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

A record 625 journalists applied for the fellowship program, which will take place April 26 to May 1 on the Ohio State campus in Columbus. “Our 4 percent acceptance rate makes the Kiplinger Program an Ivy League fellowship for journalists,” program director Doug Haddix said. The Fellows will receive intensive, hands-on training in social media, data journalism, video and other tools to thrive in the digital age.

“Kiplinger Fellows return to their newsrooms with new skills and strategies for telling compelling stories using digital tools and apps,” Haddix said. “They’ll join an impressive group of Kiplinger alumni working in newsrooms around the globe.”

The international 2015 Kiplinger Fellows are:

  • Ben Bland, Financial Times, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Saleem Khan, invstg8.net, Toronto, Canada
  • Cristina Men, TSF Radio Noticias, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Catalina Oquendo, El Tiempo, Bogota, Colombia
  • Jennifer Rigby, Channel 4 News/The Daily Telegraph, London, United Kingdom
  • Joel Stonington, Vocativ, Berlin, Germany
  • Julia Fabiola Torres, Ojo Publico, Lima, Peru

The U.S. 2015 Kiplinger Fellows are:

  • Charles Bergquist, Science Friday program, public radio, New York
  • Laura Bischoff, Dayton Daily News
  • Brakkton Booker, NPR, Washington, D.C.
  • Ilan Brat, Wall Street Journal, Chicago
  • Amy Finkelstein, The Associated Press, Chicago
  • Nicole Gaudiano, USA Today/Gannett bureau, Washington, D.C.
  • Kristen Graham, The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Blake Kaplan, Sun Herald, Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Gerrick Kennedy, Los Angeles Times
  • Elias Lopez, The New York Times
  • Kim Lyons, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Pia Malbran, TV Series and Documentary Producer, Miami
  • Andrea McCarren, WUSA-TV, Washington, D.C.
  • Nicole Noren, ESPN
  • Brandon Quester, Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting, Phoenix
  • Maria Reeve, Star Tribune, Minneapolis
  • Barbara Rodriguez, The Associated Press, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Brad Schrade, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The program has evolved since its founding, transitioning to digital media fellowships in 2011. In addition to the weeklong fellowship, the program offers workshops and training across the country. In 2014, Kiplinger Program training reached nearly 1,400 journalists. Full information about the Kiplinger Program is available at www.kiplingerprogram.org.

The Kiplinger Program was endowed at Ohio State in 1973 by Austin Kiplinger in honor of his father, W.M. Kiplinger, one of the university’s first journalism graduates in 1912. W.M. Kiplinger pioneered a new kind of journalism when he became publisher of The Kiplinger Letter and later Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. He has been described by his son as “a dedicated journalist, a muckraker and an inspiration to young journalists… a very original thinker."

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