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Miscellaneous Actions by Trustees

Miscellaneous Actions by Trustees

     The Ohio State University Board of Trustees Friday (7/9)
established 11 endowed funds, including The Melton Coalition for
Creative Interaction, which provides funds for three Melton
Centers for Judaic Studies.
     The fund was established with a $1 million gift to the
university's Development Fund from the Samuel Mendel Melton
Foundation.  The income will be used to fund Ohio State's portion
of the Melton Centers, which are located at the Jewish
Theological Seminary of America, Ohio State, and the Hebrew
University in Jerusalem.

     In addition, the board established:
     ~ The Dr. Francis Herbert Obetz Scholarship Fund in
Medicine, $47,273.79.
     ~ The Archie Griffin Athletic Scholarship Fund, $30,000.
     ~ The Harry L. Graber M.D. Professional Education Fund in
the College of Medicine, $21,305.
     ~ The Dr. Francis Herbert Obetz Scholarship Fund in
Pharmacy, $18,909.51.
     ~ The Douglas M. Pittman Memorial Scholarship Fund for the
Newark and Columbus campuses, $16,928.
     ~ The Alvin Karl and Dorothea Ford Peterjohn Scholarship
Fund for graduate students in the School of Public Policy and
Management, $15,050.
     ~ The Andrew and Evelyn Keseg Athletic Scholarship Fund,
     ~ The G. Micheal Riley International Academic Fund in the
College of Humanities, $15,000.
     ~ The I. Emil and Mildred C. Stutz Family Scholarship Fund,
     ~ The Amnon Zipin Jewish Studies Library Memorial Fund in
the College of Humanities, $15,000.


     The board approved 136 research agreements funded in April
for a total of $11.9 million.

     The largest grant, $1,488,000, came from the Department of
Education for continuation funding of the National Center for
Science Teaching and Learning on Kinnear Road.

     Special projects singled out were:

     ~ An investigation into the basic mechanism of ehrlichial
diseases caused by intracellular bacteria, funded with $187,847
by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of
the Department of Health and Human Services.

     ~ An exploration of the consequences of administering GM1
ganglioside, a normal constituent of brain membranes, in the
brains of aged rats and study of whether there is an interaction
between GM1 and nerve growth factor, funded with $150,111 from
the National Institute on Aging.

     ~ An enhanced Summer Research Opportunities Program,
expanded from 50 to 75 undergraduate students, with the increase
coming in minority and women students, funded with $90,435 from
the Department of Education.

     ~ An undergraduate optics laboratory in the Department of
Electrical Engineering, with $42,566 from the National Science


     The board voted to issue contracts for constructing a
community building at the old Northwood School site at Northwood
and High streets.

     The new facility will house a family medical clinic,
university staff employment offices, and community meeting rooms.
The $5,562,689 project is funded by the state, insurance
proceeds, the Office of Health Services and university funds.
Estimated completion date is November 1994.

     Construction contracts were issued to Gioffre Construction
Co. of Dublin, and to J.A. Croson, Bruner Corp. and Advantage
Electric, all of Columbus.

     In other matters, the board:

     ~ Authorized employment of architects and engineers to
design the Heart and Lung Institute on campus and to design the
renovation of Mershon Auditorium.  The state is providing
$400,000 in planning and design funds for the Heart and Lung
Institute, which has a total project price tag estimated at $13.4
million.  A site has not been selected.  The state-funded Mershon
renovation will improve compliance with the Americans with
Disabilities Act, re-upholster seats, replace the stage rigging,
and upgrade the electrical distribution system.  The estimated
project cost is $1.25 million.

     ~ Voted to seek annexation of 11.5 acres at 1275 Kinnear
Road from Clinton Township into the City of Columbus for the
purposes of ensuring consistency of city services, to maintain
employee payroll equity and to facilitate the move of the
Business Technology Center.

     ~ Renamed departments in the College of Nursing as part of a
reorganization.  The Department of Life Span Processes is now the
Department of Adult Health and Illness Nursing and the Department
of Family and Community Nursing is now the Department of
Community, Parent-Child, and Psychiatric Nursing.

     ~ Ordered the conferring of degrees and certificates on
Sept. 2 to those persons who have completed the requirements.

     ~ Amended the Rules of the University Faculty to require
that the chairperson of the Council on Student Affairs be a
person elected by the membership.

     ~ Approved resolutions in memoriam for Clarice E. Bloom,
associate professor emeritus of family resource management who
died March 12 at age 81, and James A. Rumbaugh, assistant
professor emeritus of dentistry, who died April 29 at age 71.

     ~ Authorized James L. Nichols, treasurer, and William J.
Shkurti, vice president for finance, to buy, sell, assign and
transfer securities, to deposit or withdraw funds from bank
accounts, and to designate depositories.

     ~ Authorized Nichols to enter into an agreement with Society
Equipment Leasing Co. of Cleveland to increase a master lease
agreement from $2 million to $7 million to provide tax-exempt
funds for equipment leasing.

     ~ Heard committee reports on diversity and campus climate
and on endowed chairs, professorships and Eminent Scholar
positions at Ohio State.

     ~ Discussed ways of improving community involvement in
program development on the Newark campus in cooperation with the
Central Ohio Technical College.

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