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More international freshman expected to attend Ohio State autumn quarter

More international students are selecting Ohio State as their university of choice this autumn quarter. Ohio State expects to enroll approximately 240 international freshmen compared with 133 last year.

A growing international student population at Ohio State means increased diversity and a more global university. "It is becoming critically important to the campus environment to have a strong number of international students," said Dieter Wanner, interim associate provost for the Office of International Affairs. "International students bring a new perspective to the campus and provide an opportunity for the cross cultural education for all students.

Ohio State has experienced an 89 percent increase in the number of paid acceptance fees by international freshman over autumn quarter 2007, and a 75 percent increase in the number of international transfer students who have paid an acceptance fee. The number of new graduate students expected on campus remains similar to last year with 604 who have accepted admission for autumn quarter 2008 compared to 611 in mid-August 2007.

Ohio State typically has a total of 3,600 international undergraduate and graduate students. Final enrollment data will be available on the fifteenth day of the quarter.

Much of the increase in international freshman can be attributed to a concerted effort by university admissions to visit other countries and actively recruit students from abroad to attend Ohio State.

"We have designed a strategy specifically targeted to attract international students to our university,' said Mabel Freeman, assistant vice president for undergraduate admissions and first year experience. "We are building relationships with high schools, EdUSA advisors and universities around the world and seeking students who might find different opportunities at Ohio State that will enhance their academic experience."

The increase in international freshman enrollment can be especially attributed to more students coming from China. Ohio State has paid acceptance fees from about 115 students from China compared to 20 last year during this same timeframe. Additionally, the university is seeing increases in the number of students coming from Korea, India, Taiwan and Canada, as well as Singapore, Argentina and Kenya. New international graduate students primarily are hailing from China, India, Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia.

The Office of International Affairs is responsible for working with international students during their enrollment at Ohio State. The office also provides all new international students with an orientation session to help familiarize them with immigration rules and regulations and introduce them to the resources available at the university. The third and final orientation will be held on September 18 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at McPherson Chemical Lab, 140 W. 18th Ave.

Editors note: All figures were reported from enrollment data on September 2. Final enrollment figures will be available mid-October.