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New food and speedy service planned for football season

Burgers for badgers, a New England favorite and a drink lid switch to reduce plastic are part of the changes at the concession stand for Buckeye fans as the 2019 football season kicks off.

Levy, the food and beverage supplier to Ohio Stadium, has announced some new food options for the new season. Lobster rolls and a new twist on chicken and waffles join traditional favorites like hamburgers, hot dogs and brats.

“We’re very excited about Chicky Chicky Waffle and Wicked Lobstah,” said Molly Kurth, vice president of NCAA operations for Levy. “[Wicked Lobstah] be featuring their lobster rolls. They’ve got a couple of different ones, including a New Orleans lobster roll and an Alaskan lobster roll that has some thin-sliced salmon on it. It’s really delicious.”

Chicky Chicky Waffle offers chicken tenders fried in a waffle batter for a chicken and waffle flavor in each bite. They are served with a seasoned maple syrup. Chicky Chicky Waffle and Wicked Lobstah are local vendors located in section 19A.

Taste of the Competition items return this year. The specialty burgers feature some flavors from the region of the Buckeyes’ opponents: think fried cheese for the Wisconsin game and a Maryland matchup burger seasoned with Old Bay.

Kurth said the company continues to focus on meeting a variety of tastes as well as serving a variety of needs. Bake Me Happy, the gluten-free baker, is moving to section 7A, but its menu remains the same.

“They will still feature all of your favorite Peanut Butter Burners, Rice Krispie treats, oatmeal cookies and a host of gluten-free, fan-friendly items such as hot dogs and nachos for fans who are looking to restrict their gluten,” she said.

Fans will also see an unlimited soda program. Once you buy a beverage, you can get free refills at refill stations around A deck or at the concession stands on B and C decks.

Soft drinks have another new twist this year. Levy hopes to boost the university’s ongoing Zero Waste efforts by removing straws from circulation and using easy-sip lids.

“You’ll be able to still have a lid on your product so you don’t have to worry about carrying it up to the seats and spilling it,” Kurth said. “But we will be reducing straws. We will have straws available on request, if there is a need, at the concession stands.”

Another change should help fans get their snacks and return to their seats more quickly. New grab-and-go areas around the stadium allow fans to select drinks or pre-made foods and check out. Four Buckeye Blitz grab-n-go stations are installed on A deck, two on B deck and three on C deck.

Fans of the spiked seltzer craze have a new option this year. Bon & Viv spiked seltzer and Corona-brand beers join a menu that includes Budweiser, Coors and Miller Lite for fans over 21.

All of these new options will be available when the Buckeyes take on Florida Atlantic University next week.

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