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New Student Trustee

New Student Trustee


          COLUMBUS -- Gov. George V. Voinovich Friday (6/11) appointed
          Amira N. Ailabouni of Columbus (43220) to a position on The
          Ohio State University Board of Trustees.

          A 1991 graduate of Bishop Watterson High School, Ailabouni
          is a junior studying criminology with a minor in sociology.
          She plans to pursue a career with the Federal Bureau of
          Investigation or Drug Enforcement Agency.  Ailabouni is the
          daughter of Deborah Ailabouni and Nabil Ailabouni, both of
          COLUMBUS (43220).

          As trustee, she will serve a two-year term expiring May 13,
          1995.  Ailabouni says she is excited to serve as the
          non-voting, undergraduate student member.

          "I like to be involved.  I prefer to be a leader (rather)
          than a follower," she says.  "Often times, people will
          complain about a situation, wishing it was better.  I would
          prefer to say I took part in what the decision was."

          Ailabouni says she sees trusteeship as an opportunity to
          voice her opinion and represent fellow students who do not
          wish to take on that responsibility.

          She will serve on the board's Student Affairs Committee.

          One of her interests is campus safety.  She says that, while
          safety can never be perfect, she wants to be sure that
          university budget cuts don't include programs that provide
          some degree of safety to the students.

          Ailabouni has served as a constituent services intern for
          state Rep. Michael Stinziano, D-Columbus, and as a tutor of
          elementary school children at the Godman Guild.

          She is fluent in Arabic and has assisted Arabic-speaking
          immigrants in learning the English language and in
          assimilating them into the culture of the United States.

          Ailabouni works as a unit clerk at Children's Hospital and
          is community service coordinator for the Women's Panhellenic
          Association.  She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority
          at Ohio State.



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