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Ohio State and Battelle partner to establish new NeuroTech Institute to help advance neurological research, treatment

Institute unites clinicians, engineers and patient advocates

The Ohio State University and Battelle have partnered to launch an independent state-of-the art neurotechnology accelerator focused on treatments for patients with neurological disorders.

Neurological disorders affect 1 in 6 individuals worldwide, according to the United Nations. Existing treatments fail to restore health to many, and promising new treatments face a long and complex path to market.

The new NeuroTech Institute (NTI) will accelerate the pace of progress. A biotechnology accelerator, NTI houses three programs focused on disorders of neural communication, the neural genome and the network of the mind. It is already working on technology advancements to help individuals dealing with paralysis from spinal cord injury.

Timothy LucasNTI is the result of years of preparations by Ohio State and Battelle and uses a collaborative approach to science – uniting clinicians, engineers and patient advocates to pioneer new treatments.

NTI is recruiting faculty, researchers and support staff who will add to the depth of expertise of already existing faculty across Ohio State and Battelle.

“This new institute complements Ohio State’s efforts to build new opportunities for interdisciplinary research, translation and partnerships and accelerate solutions for patients with neurological disorders,” said Peter Mohler, vice president for research at Ohio State.

“By partnering with Ohio State and combining our resources, skills and vision we will be able to bring speed, creativity and expertise to bring world-changing neurotechnology solutions,” said Matt Vaughan, Battelle executive vice president of applied science and technology. “Ohio State brings breakthrough foundational science, Battelle brings advanced development and applied science and technology, and the institute brings the accelerator and philanthropic elements.”

Tim Lucas, professor of neurological surgery at Ohio State’s College of Medicine, was recruited to be NTI’s inaugural chief executive officer. Lucas brings four large awards from the National Institutes of Health as well as sponsored research agreements from government and industry to the new institute.

“At NTI, our mission is to restore quality of life to those suffering from neurological diseases, such as dementia, epilepsy and addiction. Through our innovations, we will ensure that patients benefit from new treatments as quickly as possible,” Lucas said.

More information on NTI may be found at https://neurotechinstitute.org    

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