12:00 AM

Ohio State expert on Supreme Court gun ban ruling

An Ohio State University political science expert is available to speak with media about the Supreme Court decision today that overturned a long-standing handgun ban in Washington D.C. Enacted in 1976, the ban was considered one of the nation's most sweeping, since it kept most private citizens from owning handguns and keeping them in their homes.

Charles Smith, who teaches "Gun Politics," which examines the arguments and issues surrounding gun control in the United States, expects the ruling today to prompt a wave litigation to further define the limits of gun bans.

Smith says although gun bans are not uncommon in large urban areas, the case is an important test of the Second Amendment, which addresses "the right to keep and bear arms."

Smith is available for interviews at (614) 292-1484 and smith.3280@osu.edu .