18:00 PM

Ohio State honored as International Organization of the Year

The Ohio State University has been recognized as the 2009 International Organization of the Year by the Columbus Council on World Affairs. The award, presented today (3/3) to President E. Gordon Gee, recognizes the university for its outstanding contributions in international education and its commitment to global outreach.

"The Council has always recognized Ohio State as a national education leader," said Patrick Terrien, the Council's president and CEO. "We feel that now is the right time to recognize the university because it is the talents of its globally literate college graduates that can play a leading role in fueling economic recovery worldwide."

"As the nation's largest campus, Ohio State has made internationalization one of its top priorities. It is essential that we apply our unparalleled resources to the world's immediate and pressing problems," said Gee.

The university continues to build upon its growing number of international activities that are critical in moving the university in a strategic and unified global direction.

* Approximately to 20 percent of Ohio State's students participate in a study abroad program before they graduate, with more than 1,800 students taking part in study abroad opportunities last year.

* The nearly 4,000 international students at Ohio State hail from 107 different countries.

* Ohio State has extended its reach from the classroom to the global community as more than two-thirds of faculty are involved in international activities, and more than 1,600 international scholars visit Ohio State each year.

* Ohio State currently has more than 100 active international agreements in place with universities around the globe.

The Columbus Council on World Affairs has been recognizing companies and organizations since 2001 with the International Business of the Year award. Past recipients include Cardinal Health, CAS, Honda of America, Battelle and Nationwide. The council serves as an educational resource for international affairs, and uses community and youth programs to focus on providing critical tools to enhance awareness about the significant changes in today's world.