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Ohio State implements clear bag policy for Michigan State home football game

Editor’s note: This story was updated in July 2016 to reflect current bag policies in Ohio Stadium.

The Ohio State University implemented a "no bag" policy at Ohio Stadium in June 2016.

Bags larger than 5x8x1 inches will no longer be permitted in the stadium on football game days or for other events. The policy will result in an increased level of security and improve the game experience for fans.

There will be one exception to the policy with regard to the size of handbags:

  • Guests with medical or child care needs will be permitted to carry one bag, no larger than 14x14x14 inches, into the stadium through one of these locations: the Band Center entrance between Gates 10 and 12 or the Press Entrance between the Huntington Club and Gate 23.
New policy as of June 2016

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:

1. Alcohol 
2. Animals (except assistive animals for guests with disabilities)
3. Audio Recording Equipment
4. Bota Bags or wine skins, flasks
5. Banners and Signs
6. Beverages  
7. Bicycles
8. Cameras (still) with lens greater than 100mm (along with monopods, dual pods and tripods), including those that are attached to unmanned aircraft systems or model aircrafts.
9. Chairs with back supports (unless accompanied with a doctor’s note or unless those provided through Ohio State), folding chairs, portable chairs, stools, lawn chairs
10. Clothing with profane, inappropriate or abusive language 
11. Containers (common examples include but are not limited to hard sided coolers, soft pack coolers, ice chests, picnic baskets, cans, heavy plastic or glass bottles, thermoses)
12. Confetti, streamers, glitter, balloons
13. Fireworks
14. Food
15. Illegal Drugs
16. Laser pointers
17. Markers (permanent) and/or paint
18. Noisemaking devices (common examples include but are not limited to whistles, air horns, bull horns, blow horns, musical instruments, kazoos, bugles, cow bells, thunder sticks, sirens and boom boxes)
19. Sticks or Poles
20. Strollers
21. Signs
22. Sports Equipment (common examples include but are not limited to balls, beach balls, footballs, baseballs, lacrosse balls, segways or other motorized scooters, skateboards, and roller blades)
23. Televisions
24. Video Recording Equipment, including those that are attached to unmanned aircraft systems or model aircrafts.
25. Weapons (common examples include but are not limited to aerosol cans, mace, pepper spray, firearms, including CCW permit holders, fireworks, pocket knives, knives, spiked bracelets, brass knuckles, martial arts weapons, stun guns, squirt guns, super soakers and chains)
26. Wrapped gifts or items 

Fans will continue to be permitted to bring in:
1. Binoculars
2. Blankets
3. Cameras (still) with a lens 100mm or less
4. Cell phones and pagers
5. Rain apparel
6. Seat cushions
7. Small radios with headphones
8. Umbrellas: Guests may carry umbrellas into Ohio Stadium for use before and after the game, but umbrellas are NOT permitted to be opened in the seating areas of Ohio Stadium)
9. Guests demonstrating specific dietary or medical needs (nursing mothers, baby food, baby bottle, single serving snack medication or chair back seats) may enter the Stadium at Gates 13, 16, 23 and 26 ONLY.
10. Water bottles that are clear, plastic and empty For more information click the following link: