19:00 PM

Ohio State joins competition to reduce energy use in residence halls

The Ohio State University is participating in the first real-time, nationwide contest among colleges and universities to reduce electricity and water use in residence halls Nov. 1-19.

Starting today (11/1), 40 colleges and universities will take part of the Campus Conservation Nationals 2010, which challenges institutions to see which can conserve the most during a three-week period.

Five Ohio State residence halls are in the competition. Residents of Drackett, Morrill, Steeb, Smith, and Taylor halls will be able to compare performance, share winning strategies, and track standings among the leading schools and buildings across the country.

Campus Conservation Nationals leverages the momentum of popular dorm energy competitions and extends the playing field to include rival institutions from across the country.

The competition is a partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy, Lucid Design Group, National Wildlife Federation, and the Ohio Board of Regents. The goals are not only to reduce energy costs, but to empower students to conserve resources in their residences, and create a culture of conservation on campus.

Other Ohio participants include Bowling Green State University, Kent State University, Miami University, Oberlin College, the University of Cincinnati, and Wittenberg University.

Winning campuses and residence halls will win prizes and bragging rights. The winning residence hall at Ohio State will win a party with and receive an award from President Gee.

On residential college and university campuses, activities that take place in buildings account for the majority of energy use, water use and total greenhouse gas emissions. While most schools recognize the value of upgrading infrastructure to maximize efficiency, changing the behavior of building occupants is also recognized as a critical component of conservation.

To learn more about the competition, follow which schools are in the lead this November, or join the competition, visit www.CompeteToReduce.org or Ohio State’s competition dashboard http://go.osu.edu/energycompetition.