15:52 PM

Ohio State News Alert: Fall break safety

Autumn break begins Thursday; lock up, take valuables and pick up home safety devices

Ohio State University students should take a few minutes before they leave for fall break to secure their homes and valuables. Students need to make sure to lock all doors and windows.

Crime is never the fault of the victim but there are steps the campus community can take to make it harder on criminals. Other safety tips include:

  • Take items of value home, including money, credit cards and ID’s
  • Record the serial numbers of devices
  • Disconnect electrical extensions
  • Utilize safety light timers or other deterrence devices

Students can obtain free safety devices for their homes, including window and door alarms and light timers, through the Willie J. Young, Sr. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement office in the Ohio Union.

Police and security will continue their patrols. If something is missing when students return, alert the police immediately. On campus, call OSUPD at 614-292-2121. Off-campus, report crime to the Columbus Division of Police at 614-645-4545. Always dial 9-1-1 in emergencies.

Student safety is the university's top priority. Access additional resources on the Department of Public Safety website.

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