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Ohio State News Alert: Physical safety, mental health resources available for students

Rave Guardian, on-demand mental health support part of holistic resources

A number of resources are available to help the physical and mental health of students and the larger Buckeye community, Kristina M. Johnson, president of The Ohio State University, said in her latest health, safety and well-being update today.

The Rave Guardian safety app is available to students, faculty and staff, offering a variety of benefits, including faster delivery of Buckeye Alerts and safety notices from the Department of Public Safety. A unique aspect of the app is the ability for users to choose friends or family to follow them via GPS tracking as they travel around the campus area.

Johnson also shared information about the on-demand mental health resources the university offers. This includes wellness coaching, “Let’s Talk” and “Silver Cloud,” which serve as options for students who may not have a lot of free time, yet still want support and to be able to talk to a mental health expert.

“If you need assistance, we can help,” Johnson said in the new video.

Johnson also reminded the community about the return of monthly meet-and-greet sessions with local law enforcement. More information about these sessions, organized by the Office of Student Life, and including giveaways such as safety devices, can be found at the Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement website.

Additionally, the president encouraged everyone who is eligible to get a COVID-19 booster shot. Ohio State is incentivizing booster shots and will award $100 gift cards to 100 students, faculty and staff each week of the Buckeye Booster Drawing.

The university earlier this week announced the adjustment of some COVID-19 health and safety protocols. The adjustments include transitioning back to in-person student activities and events; restoring seating to full capacity in on-campus dining areas; expanding group activities at recreation centers; resuming concessions at athletic events; and more.

“I want to thank everyone for their diligence, which allowed us to make these changes,” Johnson said.

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