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Ohio State News Alert: Tailor the Community Crime Map to fit your off-campus safety needs

Users can customize the map to sign up for crime alerts on the frequency of their choosing

Kristina M. Johnson, president of The Ohio State University, reminded the campus community to use the Community Crime Map tool to help stay aware of major crime in the off-campus area.

In her latest Health, Safety and Well-being Update video, Johnson said the decision to focus on the comprehensive map came after talking with students, parents and public safety experts.

“The Community Crime Map allows users to quickly view crimes in a visual format and set up their own email alerts that can be set daily, weekly or monthly,” she said in the video, noting that a step-by-step instructional video can be viewed at dps.osu.edu/daily-crime-log.

Ohio State introduced the tool early this month. The Community Crime Map features off-campus crime reports with statistics from the Columbus Division of Police. The university has pre-programmed the map to a one-mile radius to include the three major crime categories of aggravated assault, residential burglary and robbery of an individual.

“These are the three major crimes most likely to impact our students,” said Ohio State Director of Public Safety Monica Moll, who also goes over the map’s benefits in the video. Additional crime categories and other customizations, including heat maps and trends, are also available in the tool, Moll noted.

As a reminder, users can customize the Community Crime Map to sign up for crime alerts on the frequency of their choosing, to be emailed daily, weekly or monthly. They can enter their own personal home address and choose a specific distance from their home, type of crime and the time of day to receive the email.

On-campus crime alerts will continue to be issued, though they will not appear on the map. Instead, they can be accessed via the Department of Public Safety’s daily crime log.

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