12:00 AM

Ohio State student diagnosed with meningitis

An Ohio State University student, Logan McDonald, 20, has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. He is being treated at the OSU Medical Center. His hometown is Chillicothe.

Bacterial meningitis is spread by respiratory droplets and generally requires very close contact to transmit. Transmittal may occur via a sneeze, cough, kiss, sharing food or drink, etc.

The university's Student Health Service has contacted his roommates in off-campus housing, his instructors, and members of the courses he is enrolled in to provide information about the disease. McDonald and his roommates at 305 E. 16th Avenue hosted parties at their apartment on Friday and Saturday night.

Anyone attending those parties who shared a drinking glass or had other close contact with McDonald should see their doctor, contact the Student Health Services at 292-4321 or stop by the Advice Nurse area at the Wilce Student Health Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. This advice applies even if those exposed have received a meningitis vaccine.

As required, the university has notified the Columbus Health Department of this case, and is working with the health department to identify contacts and get them appropriate treatment.

CONTACT: Dr. Ted Grace, director, Student Health Services, (614) 292-0110.
Jose Rodriguez, Columbus Health Department, (614) 645-6928.