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Ohio State University Board of Trustees Approve University Matters-April 2014

Columbus, Ohio – The Ohio State University Board of Trustees approved a variety of personnel, fiscal and construction-related matters at its meeting on Friday, April 4.

New university affiliate authorized
The board authorized the university to establish the affiliated entity OSU Brazil Gateway, Ltd., a subsidiary of OSU Global Gateways, LLC.
The new affiliate will open a Global Gateway office in São Paulo, Brazil in the fall. Establishment of the entity furthers Ohio State’s commitment to become a global university and to provide the institutional basis to create new partnerships, develop innovative ideas and make lasting connections in Brazil.
Gateway offices serve as mini-embassies for the university. Ohio State has successfully opened similar offices in Shanghai, China in Feb. 2010 and Mumbai, India in March 2012.
Ohio State has been strategically engaged in Brazil for nearly fifty years, including research and teaching collaborations with the University of São Paulo’s Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture. Currently, there are more than 20 active faculty collaborations and a number of student mobility programs.
The Brazil Gateway office will lead, administer and conduct a variety of programs and services to Ohio State faculty, staff, students, alumni and corporate partners.

Tuition waiver approved
Trustees approved a tuition waiver for students participating in Third Party Provider/Direct Enroll Study Abroad programs. Currently, students participating in those programs must pay tuition to both Ohio State and the outside provider if the student wishes to remain enrolled at Ohio State while abroad. Pending approval by the Ohio Board of Regents, the waiver is effective autumn semester.

Board officers elected

Trustees elected Jeffrey Wadsworth as chair, and Ronald A. Ratner and Alex Shumate as vice chairs. Blake Thompson was reappointed as secretary.

Degree programs established

  • Trustees approved the establishment of a Master of Global Engineering Leadership in the College of Engineering. The professional degree is for practicing engineers seeking to increase their management and leadership skills along with their technical expertise in a rapidly changing global and business environment. The Fisher College of Business and John Glenn School for Public Affairs worked with the College of Engineering to develop the degree. The curriculum integrates business, public policy, engineering and professional skills and is delivered online with two one-day campus sessions.
  • The board approved the establishment of a Master of Physician Assistant Studies in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in the College of Medicine. The new degree addresses a current and growing need for more health care providers and a demand for more physician assistants to ensure access to care. The program will be structured in two phases, didactic and clinical spanning one summer session, four semesters and two summer terms.

University Foundation Report accepted
The board accepted the University Foundation Report as of Feb. 28, 2014, which includes the establishment The Dr. Ernest W. Johnson Chair, The Phyllis andRichard Leet Endowed Chair in Chemistry, the Joseph A. Alutto Chair in Leadership Effectiveness, the Charles W. Ebersold and Florence Whitcomb Ebersold Chair, the Martha N. and John C. Moser Chair in Arthropod Biosystematics and Biological Diversity, The Carter Phillips and Sue Henry Professorship in Political Science, the Dottie Dohan Shepard Professorship in Cardiovascular Medicine, The Max M.Fisher Scholars and Faculty Eminence Award Fund, The Loann Crane Advanced Language Institute Endowed Fund, and The Peter L. and Clara M. Scott Memorial Fund; and the establishment of 30 named endowed funds providing $15.3 million in private gifts to the university.

Dance Costume Studio named
Trustees approved the naming of the Dance Costume Studio in Sullivant Hall as the Louise B. Guthman Dance Costume Studio, in recognition of contributions to the College of Arts and Sciences to the Dance Building Fund for renovation costs. Guthman is one of the original faculty members of the Department of Dance. She was head of the production area and lighting designer for the department from 1974 to 1988, and is currently a resident designer for Zivilli, Brunswick Music Theater and the New York International Ballet competition.

Reflection Area named
The board approved the naming of the Reflection Area in the Ernest W. Johnson Park at Dodd Hall as The Emilio P. Bisaccia, MD Reflection Area in recognition of contributions from SOLAR Foundation, Inc. to the Wexner Medical Center for the Ernest W. Johnson Park Support Fund for park maintenance, programs and activities.

Bromfield Hall renamed
Trustees approved the renaming of Bromfield Hall at Ohio State University at Mansfield as Conard Hall in recognition of significant contributions from the John & Pearl Conard Foundation, including renovation of Bromfield Library into the Bromfield Library and Information Commons, the Ovalwood Hall Art Gallery, Bromfield Hall Learning Center, Founders Auditorium and Riedl Hall Performance Space.

Walking Path named
Trustees approved the naming of the 2.3 mile walking path at Ohio State Mansfield as Bromfield Trail to honor Pulitzer Prize winning author and conservationist Louis Bromfield, a significant figure in Richland County history. Bromfield’s collection of rare books and manuscripts were housed at the campus until 1988, when they were relocated to the Rare Books and Manuscripts Library at the Columbus campus to provide the most suitable environment for the materials.

Library spaces named
The board approved the naming of internal spaces in the Bromfield Library and Information Commons at Ohio State Mansfield in recognition of those who have provided significant contributions to the renovation of the facility:

  • Richland County Foundation Learning Collaborative Classroom
  • Mechanics Bank Library Instruction Classroom
  • Richland Bank Faculty Media Center
  • Shelby Foundation Group Study Room
  • FirstEnergy Group Study Room
  • CenturyLink Group Study Room

Agricultural Service Center Building renamed
Trustees approved the renaming of the Agricultural Service Center Building at The Ohio State University at Lima as the Student Services Center to reflect the new use for the building – from one that provided agricultural services to one that provides services to students on the Lima campus.

Aeronautical and Astronautical Research Laboratory renamed
The board approved the renaming of the Aeronautical and Astronautical Research Laboratory (on West Case Road) as the Aerospace Research Center to reflect the merger of the Aeronautical and Astronautical Research Laboratory and the Gas Turbine Laboratory to become the Aerospace Research Center.

Competitive bidding policy amended
The board approved a revised policy on purchasing and competitive bidding. The changes are part of the university’s continued commitment to identify streamlining opportunities.
The revision removes the requirement that all contracts or purchases for goods and services in excess of $250,000 for which competitive bidding is waived be reported to the Board of Trustees on a quarterly basis. Instead, the university will present informative competitive bidding waiver data to the Board of Trustees in the form of a report on an annual basis, including year-over-year trend or other analytical data.

Charter Trustee reappointed
The board reappointed Corbett A. Price as a Charter Trustee for a second three-year term, effective May 14, 2014.

Personnel actions approved
The board approved the following personnel appointments and reappointments:

  • Michael J. Boehm has been named special assistant to the president and vice provost for academic and strategic planning in the Office of Academic Affairs effective Oct. 21, 2013.
  • Curt J. Daniels has been named professor-clinical and holder of the Dottie Dohan Shepard Professorship in Cardiovascular Medicine in the College of Medicine effective April 4, 2014 through March 31, 2018.
  • Edward B. Foley has been appointed professor and holder of the Charles W. Ebersold and Florence Whitcomb Ebersold Chair in the Moritz College of Law effective April 4, 2014 through April 3, 2019.
  • Michael B. Hofherr has been appointed vice president and CIO in the Office of Academic Affairs effective March 1, 2014.
  • Ric L. Simmons has been appointed professor and holder of The Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer Professorship for the Administration of Justice and Rule of Law in the Moritz College of Law effective April 4, 2014 through April 3, 2019.
  • Caroline S. Wagner has been appointed associate professor and holder of The Ambassador Milton A. and Roslyn Z. Wolf Chair in the John Glenn School of Public Affairs effective Oct. 1, 2011 through June 30, 2016.
  • Lonnie J. King has been reappointed dean, executive dean for health sciences professor, and holder of the Ruth Stanton Chair in Veterinary Medicine in the College of Veterinary Medicine effective Sept. 1, 2014 through Aug. 31, 2015.
  • Keith L. Smith has been reappointed associate vice president and director of OSU Extension in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences effective Aug. 1, 2013 through June 30, 2015

Resolutions in memoriam adopted
The board adopted resolutions in memoriam for the following persons:

  • Chadwick F. Alger, professor emeritus of political science, who died on Feb. 15, 2014
  • Lee B. Brown, professor emeritus of philosophy, who died on Feb. 13, 2014
  • Robert W. Coffman, former member of The Ohio State University Newark Regional Campus Board of Trustees, who died on Dec. 19, 2013
  • R. Dale Glass, professor emeritus of OSU Extension, who died on Jan. 18, 2014
  • Roscoe C. Hinkle, professor emeritus of sociology, who died on Nov. 22, 2013
  • David. R. Kelly, assistant professor emeritus of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, who died on Feb. 13, 2014
  • Charles L. Mand, professor emeritus of physical education, who died on Jan. 26, 2014
  • John T. Mount, vice president and dean emeritus in the Office of Academic Affairs and former secretary to the Board of Trustees, who died on Feb. 20, 2014
  • Richard G. Seyler, professor emeritus of physics, who died on Jan. 30, 2014
  • Charles F. Sinsabaugh, former member of The Ohio State University Newark Regional Campus Board of Trustees, who died on Jan. 6, 2014

Faculty Rules amended
The board approved amendments to the Rules of the University Faculty.

Medical Center Board appointment ratified
The board ratified the appointment of Stephen D. Steinour for a second term to the new Wexner Medical Center Board ending May 13, 2017.

Self-Insurance Board reappointments approved
Trustees approved the following reappointments of Galen Barnes, E. Christopher Ellison, MD, term ending April 30, 2016 and Michael Papadakis for terms ending April 30, 2016.

Easements approved

  • Trustees approved a .01 acre easement to the City of Columbus near the intersection of Ackerman and Olentangy River Road for traffic control devices and signals to support a multi-use trail. The proposed trail will connect at Ackerman Road to the university’s existing trail, which runs south to Lane Ave. The extension of the trail to the north, to West North Broadway, is part of the city’s plan to extend the trail system to points further north, such as the pedestrian bridge over State Route 315 and Henderson Rd. Monetary consideration for the easement is $1.
  • Trustees approved transfer ownership of the Ohio State Mansfield main sanitary sewer line to the City of Mansfield. As owner, the city would become responsible for the ongoing maintenance and management of the line, resulting in a savings to Ohio State Mansfield of approximately $13,000-$26,000 annually. The board also approved additional, associated easement agreements for existing lines, proposed extensions of the system, and temporary easements for construction. Monetary consideration for the easement is $1.
  • The board approved a 25-year easement to the City of Columbus for improvements to the university area. The easements include approximately .05 acres on Neil Ave. to allow the city to replace traffic signals on Neil between Goodale St. and 11th Ave. The work will remove overhead traffic-signal cables at the intersections and add pedestrian features. It also includes approximately 0.5 acres on High St. to allow the university to relocate traffic control equipment and infrastructure at 18th Ave. and along High St. as part of a landscaping improvement project. Monetary consideration for the easement is $1.

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