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Ohio State University Board of Trustees recognize John Glenn, football team as heroes

The Ohio State University Board of Trustees formally recognized the 2014 Ohio State Buckeyes, winners of the first College Football Playoff national championship, at the start of its meeting today. The board also recognized former Sen. John Glenn and his wife, Annie, who have instilled a culture of leadership, citizenship and public service at Ohio State and the John Glenn School of Public Affairs.

During the meeting, trustees approved establishment of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs (see separate release). In addition, the board approved a variety of personnel, academic and fiscal matters at its meeting.

North Campus Residential District buildings named, renamed

Trustees approved the naming of 12 buildings in the North Campus Residential District and to continue the legacy of the naming facilities in the area as a standing tribute to student and alumni veterans and to those currently serving our country.

Five new facilities will be named to honor students who have served in wars and conflicts:
*2125 N. High St. - Bowen House
*187 W. Lane Ave. - Torres House

*97 W. Lane Ave. - Houston House
*2115 N. High St. -
Busch House
*149 W. Lane Ave. - North Recreation Center

Two buildings will be renamed to honor students who have served in wars and conflicts:
*194 W. Woodruff Ave. (Neilwood Gables) - Mendoza House
*328 W. Lane Ave. (Lane Avenue Residence Hall) - Lawrence Tower

The names of four demolished buildings with military significance (Blackburn House, Nosker House, Raney Commons and Scott House) and one street name with military significance (Curl Drive) will be reused on new buildings:
*33 W. Lane Ave.
- Raney House
*80 W. Woodruff Ave. - Curl Hall

*160 W. Woodruff Ave. - Scott House
*124 W. Woodruff Ave. - Nosker House
*136 W. Woodruff Ave. - Blackburn House

Construction projects approved
The board authorized the university to enter into or increase professional service contracts and construction contracts for the following projects:

  • 300 W. 10th Ave. Brain and Spine Hospital. The project will remodel spaces in the former Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute for the inpatient component of a Brain and Spine Hospital, including specialty care units, signage and other upgrades. Trustees approved professional service projects totaling $1.1 million. Total project cost is $14.3 million, which will be provided by auxiliary funds.
  • Elevator Repairs and Replacements. The project will upgrade, replace or modify up to 17 elevator systems in 11 academic buildings. Trustees approved professional service and construction contracts totaling $4.8 million, which will be provide by state appropriations.
  • Arts District Master Plan and School of Music. The project will provide a comprehensive Arts District Master Plan including programming, planning, cost estimating and phasing. In addition, it includes design for an addition to and renovation of Weigel Hall and preliminary design of the renovation of Hughes Hall. Trustees approved professional service contracts of $3.8 million, which will be provided by university and development funds.
  • Framework Plan Update. The project will update the university’s One Ohio State Framework plan, which guides capital investment in the university’s physical environment. The update will review, revise or adjust planning assumptions that have either emerged or evolved since completion of the 2010 plan. Trustees approved professional service contracts of $1.5 million, to be provided by university funds.

Lease approved
Trustees authorized university officials to enter into a lease with Medstone Realty Company, LLC, for the construction and occupancy of a 100,000-square-foot medical office in the Kingsdale Shopping Center in Upper Arlington. Medstone is a subsidiary of Campus Partners for Community and Urban Redevelopment, a university affiliate. It will purchase the land and develop the facility.

Foundation report accepted
The board accepted The Ohio State University Foundation report as of Dec. 31, 2014, which includes the establishment of the Bruce and Susan Edwards Sports Medicine Professorship Fund; the Hagop Mekhjian M.D. Lectureship Fund at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center; the Dorothy Mangurian Fellow in Memory Disorders Fund; the Delma L. Roush Scholarship Fund; The Ransom Family Endowed Graduate Scholarship Fund; The Doug Ball Endowed Aerospace Scholarship Fund as part of the Ohio Scholarship Challenge; two scholarships in honor of the late Peter L. Scott: The Peter L. and Clara M. Scott Scholarship Fund in the College of Engineering and The Peter L. and Clara M. Scott Scholarship Fund in the College of Medicine; and 23 additional named endowed funds providing $10.6 million in private gifts to the university.

Hospital space named
The board approved the naming of room C205 in the new James Cancer Hospital as the Rita D. Isaly & Richard A. Isaly Sr. Pediatric Radiation Oncology Visitor Lounge in honor of significant contributions to the building fund for the new facility by the Rita D. Isaly Family Fund and the Richard A. Isaly Sr. Family Fund.

CBEC internal spaces named
Trustees approved the naming of the internal spaces at the new Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry (CBEC) Building, Donors listed below have provided significant contributions to the building funds:
Room 055 - Patricia and Thomas Tatterson Polymer Characterization Laboratory
Room 240C - Eugene and Cindra Wheeler Graduate Student Workstation
Room 240E - Eugene and Cindra Wheeler Lab Support
Room 240F - Christina (Stark ’82) and John Sistrunk Graduate Student Workstation
Room 240G - Christina (Stark ’82) and John Sistrunk Lab Support
Room 270A - Daryle H. Busch Graduate Student Workstation and Lab Support
Room 290A - Daryle H. Busch Graduate Student Workstation and Lab Support
Room 288 - Team Dutta Graduate Student Office
Room 414 - John Cammarn Faculty Office
Room 483 - Andrew and Christine Weber Faculty Office

Board of Trustees committee appointments approved
The board approved the appointment of members to the following committees for 2015-2016:

  • Academic Affairs and Student Life Committee:
    Alex Shumate, chair
    Linda S. Kass, co-chair
    Cheryl L. Krueger, vice chair
    Algenon L. Marbley
    Janet B. Reid
    Clark C. Kellogg
    Timothy P. Smucker
    Abigail S. Wexner
    Alan VanderMolen
    Steven M. Loborec
    Janet Box-Steffensmeier (faculty member)
    Jeffrey Wadsworth (ex officio)
  • Finance Committee:
    Michael J. Gasser, chair
    Ronald A. Ratner, co-chair
    Brent R. Porteus, vice chair
    W.G. “Jerry” Jurgensen
    Erin P. Hoeflinger
    Alexander R. Fischer G. Gilbert Cloyd

    Corbett A. Price

    Stacie E. Seger

    Jo Ann Davidson

    Jeffrey Wadsworth (ex officio)

  • Advancement Committee: 
    Janet B. Reid, chair

    Erin P. Hoeflinger, vice chair

    Linda S. Kass

    Clark C. Kellogg

  • Cheryl L. Krueger

    Brent R. Porteus

    Alexander R. Fischer

    Abigail S. Wexner

    G. Gilbert Cloyd

    Corbett A. Price

    Alan VanderMolen

    Stacie E. Seger

    Nancy Kramer
    Craig S. Bahner

    Christopher A. Ito (Alumni Association member)
    Samira K. Beckwith (Alumni Association member)
    Keith D. Monda (Foundation Board member)
    Daniel J. Wampler (Foundation Board member)
    Jeffrey Wadsworth (ex officio)

  • Audit and Compliance Committee:
    W.G. “Jerry” Jurgensen, chair
    Michael J. Gasser, vice chair
    Ronald A. Ratner Timothy P. Smucker
    Steven M. Loborec
    Lawrence A. Hilsheimer
    Amy Chronis Craig S. Morford

    Jeffrey Wadsworth (ex officio)

  • Governance Committee:
    Timothy P. Smucker, chair
    Alex Shumate, vice chair
    Algenon L. Marbley

    Linda S. Kass Janet B. Reid

    Erin P. Hoeflinger

    G. Gilbert Cloyd

    Alan VanderMolen

    Stacie E. Seger

    Jeffrey Wadsworth (ex officio)

Committee guidelines approved
Trustees approved guidelines for its Audit and Compliance Committee, which assists the board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for the financial reporting process, the system of internal control, the audit process, and the university’s process for monitoring compliance with ethical, legal and regulatory requirements. The guidelines address committee composition, meetings and responsibilities.

Ethical conduct resolution approved
Trustees adopted a Statement of Ethical Conduct and Leadership Integrity. The statement lays out policies and procedures for trustees to avoid conflict of interest, favoritism or other unethical behavior. Trustees requested the university’s Office of Legal Affairs and Office of University Compliance and Integrity to develop the statement to ensure the board conducts itself in a manner that fosters public confidence.

Department charter updated
Trustees approved an updated charter for the university’s Internal Audit Department that addresses the unit’s role, professionalism, authority, organization, independence and objectivity, responsibility, internal audit plan, reporting and monitoring, and quality assurance and improvement program.

Electronic Signature Rules approved
Trustees adopted Electronic Signature Rules, which allow the university to begin using electronic signatures to conduct certain transactions that currently require handwritten signatures and approvals. Ohio House Bill 488, which became effective on Sept. 14, 2014, requires universities that permit the use of electronic signatures to adopt Electronic Signature Rules. The program is expected to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs associated with handling and processing documents.

Personnel actions approved

The board approved the following personnel appointments and reappointments:

  • Juan Crestanello has been named associate professor and holder of The Gerard S. Kakos, MD, and Thomas E. Williams Jr., MD, PhD, Professorship in the College of Medicine effective Sept. 1, 2014, through Aug. 31, 2018
  • E. Christopher Ellison has been named interim dean in the
College of Medicine
effective Nov. 15, 2014, through Nov. 14, 2015
  • Thomas J. Goldsby has been named professor and holder of The Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation Professorship in Business in The Max M. Fisher College of Business
effective Jan. 1, 2015, through Dec. 31, 2019
  • Sheldon M. Retchin has been named executive vice president and chief executive officer of the Wexner Medical Center
effective March 1, 2015, through Feb. 29, 2020
  • Thomas K. Gregoire has been reappointed dean of the College of Social Work through June 30, 2020
  • Urban F. Meyer has been reappointed head football coach in the Department of Athletics through Jan. 31, 2018
  • Eugene D. Smith has been reappointed vice president and director of athletics in the Department Athletics
through June 30, 2020

Resolutions in memoriam adopted

The board adopted resolutions in memoriam for the following persons:

  • Dale T. Bonnett, assistant professor emeritus in OSU Extension, who died on Oct. 24, 2014
  • Ernest W. Johnson, MD, professor emeritus in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, who died on Nov. 18, 2014
  • Sheldon I. Lustick, professor emeritus of zoology, who died on Nov. 18, 2014
  • Richard U. Sherman, Jr., professor emeritus of economics, who died on Nov. 12, 2014
  • L. Lyle Spiess, instructor emeritus in OSU Extension, who died on Nov. 5, 2014

Joint use agreement approved
The board authorized the university to enter into a 20-year joint use agreement with LifeCare Alliance, an Ohio nonprofit agency. Earlier this year, the Ohio General Assembly appropriated $1.5 million to LifeCare Alliance for the renovation of its facilities at 1699 and 1697 W. Mound St., including remodeling the Meals-on-Wheels food production kitchen, updating the medical building and creating a permanent digital mammography center. LifeCare Alliance has committed to giving the university the right to use and occupy its buildings for educational and other programs and activities. The Ohio Board of Regents requires a joint use agreement between the university and LifeCare Alliance before the state funding for renovations can be released.

Faculty Rules amended
The board approved amendments to the Rules of the University Faculty regarding membership.