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Ohio State University News Tips 1/15/16

Ohio State students mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a day on, not a day off – Jan. 18. On Monday (1/18), approximately 1,000 Ohio State students will go into the community for service projects at more than 50 sites in greater Columbus, organized by the Office of Student Life’s Pay it Forward program. Students will gather at the Ohio Union on campus for opening ceremonies at 8:45 a.m. and board buses at 9:15 a.m. for the MLK Day of Service, described as “a day on instead of a day off.”
CONTACT: Jake Cohen, Student Life Coordinator of Service and Outreach, 860-428-3472; or Dave Isaacs, Student Life Communications, 614-292-8424. SEE: http://payitforward.osu.edu/Our%20Programs/mlk_day_of_service

School shootings and street violence – New report calls for youth violence to be national priority. The two types of youth gun violence couldn’t be more different, but the ways to prevent them remain largely the same, according to a new report by some of America’s top violence researchers.
School rampage shootings and street shootings by youth differ in dramatic ways: They are done by different types of youth for different reasons, and often have very different risk factors.
“It is amazing how different school shooters are from street shooters,” said Brad Bushman, the lead author of the report and a professor of communication and psychology.
“But the basic approach to preventing them is very similar. It starts with making the prevention of youth violence a national priority.”
Bushman co-authored the new report with 11 other violence experts from universities across the country. They all co-wrote a report for the National Science Foundation on what is known and not known about youth violence. CONTACT: Brad Bushman, 614-688-8779, bushman.20@osu.edu. SEE: https://news.osu.edu/news/2016/01/14/youth-violence/

Teaching the Science of Language –Students in the course “Training in Science Education Outreach” spend most of their class time at COSI performing science demos with museum visitors and working in a research “pod.” Not exactly a traditional class setting, but that’s the point, according to Laura Wagner, associate professor of psychology and one of three faculty members team-teaching the course. “The course’s goal is to teach students how to speak to the public about science,” says Wagner. “And what better place to do it than in a science museum?” In its fourth year, the COSI-Ohio State partnership has become a win-win for all. “COSI guests are able to engage with working scientists in a robust and meaningful way, while Ohio State researchers (faculty and students) greatly expand the amount of research they can conduct by working on-site at COSI,” saysJoshua Sarver, senior director of experiences for COSI. Students are on site at COSI spring semester. http://artsandsciences.osu.edu/news/teaching-science-language.
CONTACT: Leslie Moore, associate professor of teaching and learning: moore.1817@osu.edu, 614-247-2429; Laura Wagner, associate professor of psychology, wagner.602@osu.edu, 614-634-2648