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Ohio State University News Tips 2/3/15

Ohio State celebrates United Black World Month – Feb. 5. The opening celebration for United Black World Month takes place at 7 p.m. in the Ohio Union Performance Hall, 1739 N. High St. The event features Marc Lamont Hill, a nationally recognized journalist with Huffington Post, news anchor for BET and a distinguished professor at Morehouse College.
United Black World Month, also known as Black History Month, begins with a featured expeaker and continues with panels, lectures, socials and other programs. SEE: http://multiculturalcenter.osu.edu/events-and-programs/heritage-and-awareness-events/united-black-world-month/.

Professor offers “A Message from Your Cat” – Feb. 5. Cat behavior expert Tony Buffington, professor of veterinary clinical sciences, will present a view of human behavior from a cat's perspective during “A Message from Your Cat” at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 5 in the Veterinary Medical Center Auditorium, 601 Vernon Tharp St. Buffington’s research interests include the effects of early-life events and the environment on health and disease in cats and people, the effects of environmental enrichment on health outcomes and diagnostic markers of health and disease. Admission is $5 ($3 with a valid Buck ID). SEE: go.osu.edu/messagefromyourcat. CONTACT: Melissa Weber,weber.254@osu.edu.

BuckeyeThon dance marathon continues to grow – Feb. 6 and 7. More than 4,000 Ohio State students are expected to dance the night – and following day – away in the annual BuckeyeThon dance marathon, Feb. 6 and 7, in the Ohio Union, 1739 N. High Street.
BuckeyeThon supports the Hematology/Oncology/BMT department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital through events and activities throughout the year, culminating in the annual dance marathon.
BuckeyeThon is the largest student-run philanthropy at Ohio State. Last year it raised over $767,000, and this year the goal is $1 million.
There are two sessions of dancing: 8 p.m. on Friday to 8 a.m. on Saturday; and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday. The closing ceremony and “big reveal” of the amount raised takes place at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday.
Other coverage opportunities include haircutting (by Aveda) in which students can donate cut hair to Locks for Love to be used in wigs for young cancer patients, Saturday from 2 to 3:30 p.m. in Dance Room 1 (also early Saturday from midnight to 1:30 a.m.)
SEE: http://buckeyethon.osu.edu/. CONTACTS: Poornima Venigalla, student public relations chair, Venigalla.1@osu.edu, 314-488-7856, or Dave Isaacs, Office of Student Life, Isaacs.84@osu.edu, 614-292-8424.

Confidence in government linked to willingness to vaccinate. A new study suggests that confidence in government may play a key role in the public’s willingness to get at least some vaccines.
The study, co authored by Kent Schwirian, professor of sociology at The Ohio State University, re-analyzed national survey data from 2009 that examined Americans’ views on a then-new vaccine for the H1N1 virus – commonly known as swine flu.
Results showed that Republicans and independents were significantly less likely than Democrats to say they would get the vaccine. But it wasn’t their political affiliation itself that was driving Republican and independent views, Schwiran said.
“It’s not that Republicans reject vaccination because of their conservative views or exposure to certain media. It was their lack of confidence in the government to deal with the swine flu crisis that was driving their anti-vaccination views.” SEE: http://news.osu.edu/news/2015/02/02/confidence-in-government-linked-to-willingness-to-vaccinate/.

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