12:00 AM

Ohio State updates status of elevator inspections

The Ohio State University is continuing to report results of static brake tests that are being done on all residence hall elevators following the death of a student last Friday (10/20). Following the completion yesterday of tests in all 11 high-rise residence halls, tests began today on elevators in the university's 19 low-rise residence halls.

No mechanical deficiencies have been detected in tests conducted today in Canfield, Bradley, Houck, Nosker, Haverfield, Halloran, or Mack halls.

Yesterday, Ohio State reported that all elevators passed inspection in Lincoln and Morrill Towers.

There are 67 elevators in Ohio State residence halls. So far, 51 elevators have been tested.
Officials plan to complete inspections on the remaining low-rise halls by tomorrow afternoon (10/27).

Following are results of the static brake tests to date:

Residence Hall Passed; Failed
Bradley/Paterson 1 passed; two more to be tested
Canfield 2 passed; one more to be tested
Halloran 1 passed; 0 failed
Haverfield 1 passed; 0 failed
Houck 1 passed; 0 failed
Mack 2 passed; 0 failed
Nosker 1 passed; 0 failed

Drackett Tower 4 passed; 0 failed
Jones Tower 3 passed; 0 failed
Lincoln Tower 6 passed; 0 failed
Morrill Tower 6 passed; 0 failed
Morrison Tower 3 passed; 0 failed
Siebert Hall 3 passed; 0 failed
Taylor Tower 4 passed; 0 failed

Park Hall 2 passed; 1 failed
Steeb Hall 2 passed; 1 failed
Smith Hall 1 passed: 2 failed
Stradley Hall 1 passed; 2 failed