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Ohio State welcomes new Blueprint College class

The Ohio State University is kicking off a second year of Blueprint: College, the initiative to help set families on the right path toward academic and college success. The 2009 Blueprint: College begins with a welcome dinner at 6 p.m. on Thursday (4/23) at Champion Middle School, 284 N. 22nd St. Media are invited to cover this compelling story by attending the kickoff or upcoming weekly workshops.
Blueprint: College, which began as a pilot program last spring, assists elementary school families from Columbus City Schools to create "blueprint plans" to guide academic and college success. The families are low-income and have little college experience. Last year's pilot program, which served 42 families, was so successful that it has expanded this year to serve 113 families from 11 underserved schools. In fact, more than 40 families are on a waiting list.

Following the welcome dinner, there are six weekly workshops, followed by a campus visit (5/16) and finally a graduation. In the workshops, parents learn about the benefits and requirements of going to college. They create academic plans for their students, fill out sample college admissions and financial aid applications and learn to use college scholarship resources. While parents participate in the workshops, children attend age-appropriate "College Camp" sessions led by Ohio State undergraduate students.

To make it easier for families to attend, the program also includes weekly dinners prior to the workshops, child care, and bus transportation.
WHAT: Blueprint: College program kickoff
WHEN: 6-8 p.m. Thursday (4/23)
Program beings 6:20 p.m.
WHERE: Champion Middle School, 284 N. 22nd St.
WHY: Because any kid can go to college.