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Organization, hard work help thousands of students settle in on Move-in Day

“Good morning! Welcome to Ohio State!”

With a robust welcome, Move-in Day kicked off at The Ohio State University at the Jerome Schottenstein Center Saturday, when about 7,500 students were expected to move into residence halls. In all, some 14,000 students will live in Columbus campus residence halls this year.

Starting just as the sun was rising over campus, students and their families began a procession through the arena to get room keys and moving details. Then cars and vans loaded with luggage headed to the new homes for students before the academic year begins.

The process was highly orchestrated. Cars moved swiftly through the residence hall driveways as suitcases, televisions and personal items were swiftly unloaded and moved to rooms. For parents and students, it’s the moment when the college experience begins.

Mark Redmond, whose son Tyler is a first-year student, said the early-morning move-in was going smoothly. He said he was looking forward to helping his son get ready for college.

“I’m happy to get the opportunity to get him acclimated and settled in,” Redmond said.

President Drake helps the move-in effort

About 2,000 Official Welcome Leaders aided the students. These OWLS moved in on Thursday and then turned around and helped their peers go through the same drill.

“My move-in experience was great. I had two cars full of stuff and everything got up into my room in a timely manner,” said Elyssa Bellofatto, a first-year student from Laurel, Maryland.

Bellofatto worked as an OWL aiding the moving at Smith-Steeb Hall.

“Everyone is super energetic and happy to be here so it’s really exciting that everyone is so happy to move in,” she said.

At one point, President Michael V. Drake and Senior Vice President for Student Life Javaune Adams-Gaston joined the team at Smith-Steeb. Drake posed for photos with students and their families and helped unload a few cars.

“For the students and their parents, it’s a really special day,” Drake said. “It’s one of those times where you’ve been thinking about it for years, you’ll remember it for years and it takes just a moment. It’s great to be a part of.”

Move-in Day kicks off a series of events for students during Welcome Week . The President’s Convocation and the First Year Student Welcome Event are both Monday. Classes begin Tuesday.