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Professor named to key Pentagon post

Professor named to key Pentagon post


     COLUMBUS -- Joseph Kruzel, director of the Program on
International Security and Military Affairs at The Ohio State
University's Mershon Center, has been selected as the Deputy
Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy.  The
White House announced the appointment on Thursday (7/22).

     In the position, Kruzel will be responsible for U.S.
security policy toward NATO, Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
Kruzel will take a leave of absence from the university to assume
his new post.

     "This is a great challenge and an irresistible opportunity,"
Kruzel said.  "While I will miss my friends, colleagues and
students at the university, I am very excited about joining
Secretary (Les) Aspin and many other old friends in the Clinton
Administration to work on these vital issues of international

     Kruzel, 48, graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy and
Harvard University.  He was as an intelligence officer in the
Pentagon and in Vietnam, a U.S. negotiator to the Strategic Arms
Limitation Talks (SALT I), and an advisor to Secretary of Defense
Harold Brown on SALT II.  Just before coming to Ohio State in
1983, Kruzel spent a year as senior defense and foreign policy
advisor to Sen. Edward Kennedy.

     Kruzel, an associate professor of political science at Ohio
State, has written extensively on American defense policy, arms
control and European security.  For the past eight years, he has
edited the American Defense Annual, a yearly review and critique
of the major issues in U.S. defense.

     The son of a retired Air Force officer, Kruzel has lived in
Japan, the Philippines, France, Germany, Great Britain, Austria
and Finland.


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