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Psychology Faculty Receive National Awards


     COLUMBUS -- Two faculty members in the Department of
Psychology at The Ohio State University have received major
national awards for their research contributions.

     Marilynn Brewer (DUBLIN, 43017), Ohio Eminent Scholar in
Social Psychology, received the 1992-93 Donald T. Campbell Award
for Distinguished Research in Social Psychology.  The award is
presented by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

     Martin Sarter (COLUMBUS, 43235), assistant professor of
psychology, received the 1992 Distinguished Scientific Early
Career Award from the American Psychological Association (APA).

     As a result of their awards, both Brewer and Sarter have
been invited to give addresses at the annual meeting of the APA,
which will be held Aug. 20-24 in Toronto, Canada.

     Brewer was honored for her path-breaking contributions in
inter-group relations and social identity, stereotyping and
prejudice, and person perception.  She is recognized for her
cross-cultural research on how people develop attitudes about
their own cultural and social groups, as well as how they form
attitudes about outside groups.

     Brewer's address to the APA is titled "Social Self:
Inclusion and Distinctiveness."

     Sarter was honored for his work in the area of biopsychology
and animal behavior.  His work involves the examination of
changes in brain systems that contribute to the decline of
attentional abilities as a result of aging.

     Sarter's address at the APA is titled "Neurotransmitters in
Concert: Trans-synaptic Modulation of Cortical Acetylcholine and


Contact:  Marilynn Brewer, 292-9460, and Martin Sarter, 292-1751.

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