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Research Brings More Dollars


     COLUMBUS -- At a time when many revenue sources for The Ohio
State University were nearly flat, sponsored research activity
rose 15 percent in 1992-93 over the previous year.

     Sponsored research spending increased to $188,566,855 during
the period of July 1, 1992, to June 30, 1993, from $163,934,890
during the previous 12 months, according to Ohio State's annual
research report.

     Approximately 7,400 employees worked on sponsored projects,
including about 2,300 graduate students.

     Edward F. Hayes, vice president for research, pointed out
that an important trend in these figures was a significant rise
in the funding awards from the two federal agencies which support
basic research.

     University scientists enjoyed a 25 percent increase in funds
awarded by the National Science Foundation.  Awards totaled
$19,483,871 for 230 new and continuing projects in 1992-93.
Awards totaled $15,579,797 in 1991-92.

     Funding from the Department of Health and Human Services,
which oversees the National Institutes of Health, increased by
11.5 percent to $46,629,525 for 288 research projects in 1992-93.
Awards totaled $41,826,545 the previous year.

     "The increase in awards from the National Science Foundation
and the National Institutes of Health is an indicator of the
quality of our faculty," Hayes said.  "It is especially
significant since the increases have been achieved at a time when
basic research budgets have shown only modest growth.

     "These awards play a pivotal role in the education of our
students by providing financial support and research experience
for both graduate and undergraduate students."

     Hayes also emphasized that research funding from federal
agencies and from private industry not only extends knowledge and
develops new technology, but it lays the groundwork for economic
growth and infuses millions of dollars into Ohio's economy.

     "Ohio State generates more money in research funding than
any other university in the state," he said.  "Our talented
faculty and staff members are critical to the state of Ohio
continuing to earn its share of federal and private research
Contact: Edward F. Hayes, (614) 292-1582.

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