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Statement from The Ohio State University regarding protest in Bricker Hall

Statement from The Ohio State University regarding April 6 protest in Bricker Hall

This was a group that included mostly students and also unknown people who may not be affiliated with the university, and their occupation of this building was illegal. After repeated discussions and warnings, the group chose to disperse on their own volition. They were not removed.

Ohio State has a vibrant community of students, faculty and staff who work together through an active and effective structure of shared governance. The methods employed by this group were outside the scope of permitted practices. We actively encourage dialogue with students on a wide variety of issues. We remain committed to all parties interested in meaningful discourse and in contributing to the excellence of our university. As a society and as a university we have rules that are in place to protect the very freedoms these individuals were exercising, and these protections and rights also extend to our staff as they work on the important business of the university. Bricker Hall closes every day at 5:30 p.m. We made accommodations for this group to peacefully assemble, and they were free to leave at any time. Our Ohio State community enjoys incredible privileges, and dialogue must be conducted in a constructive way.