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Story Ideas for Media 12-11-06


Ohio State Selected for Hydrogen Research Funding.
The U.S. Department of Energy has announced funding for an Ohio State University project that will promote the production of hydrogen from coal at large-scale facilities. The Ohio State research project is one of six research and development projects selected by DOE to advance a central approach to combat climate change by allowing for the capture and subsequent sequestering of carbon dioxide generated during hydrogen production.
The $1.6 million Ohio State project, led by researcher L.S. Fan, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, will develop a process to produce high-purity hydrogen from synthesis gas in a single-stage reactor. Pure hydrogen is a potential energy carrier for the future, and it may be produced from hydrogen-containing materials such as water and fossil fuels. Until other resources are available to produce hydrogen at lower costs, production from coal is the most economical source.
The selections support President Bush's Hydrogen Fuel Initiative, which provides funding for research and technology development to realize a future hydrogen economy that minimizes America's dependence on foreign oil and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
CONTACT: L.S. Fan, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, fan.1@osu.edu; Gina Langen, College of Engineering, langen.2@osu.edu, (614) 688-4423.


Vet Med students head to New Orleans – again! – Dec. 12-20.
Twelve students from the College of Veterinary Medicine's Shelter Medicine Club will spend part of their Winter break caring for abandoned animals roaming the streets of New Orleans. The group hopes to raise the $5,000 needed for their travel expenses, but members of the club are prepared to pay their own way. Working in support of Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO), club members Katie Flood and Lisa Shriver are making their third trip to care for animals left homeless by the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. "Once you volunteer and realize that you can make a difference, you make a personal commitment to return," said Shriver. ARNO estimates that 40,000 cats and between 5,000 and 10,000 dogs are homeless in New Orleans. "The numbers continue to rise because those animals are not spayed or neutered," explained Flood. The students will be leave for New Orleans on December 12 and return December 20, 2006. All money raised in excess of expenses will be donated directly to ARNO. Checks should be made out to: College of Veterinary Medicine, and sent to: Shelter Medicine Club, 125/127 VMAB, 1900 Coffey Rd., Columbus, OH 43210.
More information is available at: http://vet.osu.edu. CONTACT: Melissa Weber, weber.254@osu.edu, (614) 292-3752 or cell: (614) 327-6024.

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