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Story Ideas for Media 12/1/08


Autumn quarter coming to an end. This is the final week of autumn quarter classes for Ohio State students. Final exams are next week (12/8-11). Autumn quarter commencement is Sunday, Dec. 14. Winter quarter classes begin Jan. 5, 2009.


Ohio State study: New research projects shortage of general surgeons by 2010. In less than two years, there may not be enough surgeons in U.S. hospitals to treat the critically injured or chronically ill.
A new study suggests that the number of available general surgeons, who often perform life-saving operations on patients in emergency rooms, will not keep up with public demand. As the population continues to grow, there will be a shortage of 1,300 general surgeons in 2010. That shortage will worsen each decade, reaching a deficit of 6,000 by 2050.
That means people will have to wait longer for emergency treatment and for elective general surgery, said Thomas E. Williams, co-author of the study and clinical associate professor of surgery at Ohio State University.
"People may wait hours in an emergency room if there is a shortage of surgeons. But the problem is that if you're not operated on within a few hours, your disease progresses and that can create more serious problems in other areas of the body. These are problems that you would not have had with prompt surgical attention," said Williams, who is also a retired thoracic and cardiac surgeon. CONTACT: Dr. Thomas E. Williams, (614) 293-5629; Tom.williams@osumc.edu


Light up the Lake – Dec. 4. More than 450 strands of holiday lights will decorate Mirror Lake this winter as part of an annual project coordinated by Ohio Staters. A lighting ceremony will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday (12/4). The light display, which will take place until mid-February, was launched several years ago to beautify campus and raise spirits in a cold and dark time of year. CONTACT: Jim Lynch, (614) 247-4110.

Ohio State commemorates World AIDS Day with "Red Party" – Dec. 6. In honor of World AIDS Day, Ohio State students will hold their annual Red Party from 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday (12/6) at the Kuhn Honors & Scholars House, 220 W. 12th Ave. The event includes speakers from Camp Sunrise, the Columbus AIDS Task Force, and the Student Wellness Center. It will conclude with a candlelight vigil honoring people affected by HIV/AIDS. Participants are encouraged to wear red and there is a requested $4 donation for the Columbus AIDS Task Force. Organizers hope the event creates better understanding about HIV and AIDS, and inspires students and community members to take action and work together to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. CONTACT: Ravi Gupta, student organizer, (937) 626-5122 or rgupta729@gmail.com

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