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Story Ideas for Media 1/23/12


Ohio State celebrates legacy of John Glenn on 50th anniversary of his Friendship 7 space flight. The Ohio State University will lead the celebration of John Glenn’s legacy on the 50th anniversary of his historic flight aboard Friendship 7 on February 20 by engaging students, NASA officials and the public policy community. When Glenn piloted Friendship 7 into space in 1962 and became the first American to orbit the earth, he became an instant hero as the flight captured the nation and the world’s imagination.
Through this tribute, the university will celebrate the historic moment in time and honor one of America’s great heroes – John Glenn – and the culture of leadership, citizenship and public service that he has instilled at Ohio State and the John Glenn School of Public Affairs.
The major university event will be a celebration dinner featuring a keynote speech by NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, commander of the space shuttle Endeavour's final mission. Proceeds from the dinner will primarily benefit the Glenn School and the College of Engineering, and the university is hoping to raise more than $2 million toward student scholarships in those areas. CONTACT: Shelly Hoffman, (614) 247-4748. SEE: http://www.osu.edu/news/newsitem3335.

Ohio State professor named top scholar in international relations. In a survey of faculty at more than 1,400 colleges and universities worldwide, Ohio State political science professor Alexander Wendt, was named as having the most influence in the field of international relations over the past 20 years. The survey was part of the Teaching, Research, and International Policy Project done by the Theory and Practice of International Relations at the College of William and Mary. This is the project's fourth survey since 2004.
The survey also named Ohio State political science professor John Mueller among scholars doing the most interesting research in international relations over the past five years. SEE: http://mershoncenter.osu.edu/publications/emailnewsletter/2011-12/MershonMemo01-19-12.html#Story2


Ohio State students will gather to watch State of the Union address – Jan. 24. Ohio State students will gather to view President Obama’s State of the Union address in a viewing party at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday (1/22) on the second floor of Page Hall, 1810 College Rd.
The students are part of two university groups that are interested in learning more about politics, the scholars program, “Politics, Society, and Law Scholars,” and the John Glenn Civic Leadership Program. Media are welcome to cover the event and see how students react to the presidents’ address. Prior to the 9 p.m. address, students will hear from faculty experts about what to watch for and expect. CONTACT: Amy Murray, (614) 292-8385.

Ohio State student to attend State of the Union Address – Jan. 24. Angela King, an Ohio State junior and Navy veteran, will be attending President Obama’s State of the Union Address in Washington D.C. on Tuesday (1/24). King was invited by U.S. Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Columbus) as a member of his student advisory board members on veteran’s issues. King says that she is extremely humbled and a little nervous to be in attendance, and is excited to share her experiences with fellow Buckeyes. King served for six years and was deployed three times before entering Ohio State in 2010 to purse a degree in health sciences. She is a member of the Vets for Vets student organization on campus and works closely with Veterans Affairs on transitioning, benefits and various issues facing student veterans. CONTACT: Amy Murray, (614) 292-8385.

“Taste of OSU” delivers international cuisine and cultural insight – Jan. 27. More than 4,000 people are expected to attend the 2012 “Taste of OSU” from 5 to 9 p.m. on Friday (1/27) in the Ohio Union, 1739 N. High St. Sponsored by the Office of International Affairs and more than 30 student organizations, the event is opportunity to sample foods with an international flavor prepared by student organizations and learn more about their culture. CONTACT: Maureen Miller, (614) 307-0062 or miller.4468@osu.edu. SEE: http://oia.osu.edu/taste-of-osu/2318-taste-of-osu-2012-delivers-international-cuisine-and-cultural-performances-.html.

Exhibit features Columbus cartoonists as city celebrates bicentennial – Jan. 23 – April 27.
An extraordinary number of notable cartoonists have lived, worked or been educated in Columbus, Ohio. In honor of the 200th anniversary of the city’s founding, Ohio State’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum presents an exhibition with original cartoon art and other artifacts created by many of them, including Billy Ireland, Milton Caniff, Harry J. Westerman, Eugene Craig, Doc Goodwin, Bill Crawford, Edwina Dumm, Dudley T. Fisher, and James Thurber. “Columbus Cartoonists: A Bicentennial Celebration” is on display in the Museum’s Reading Room Gallery, 27 W. 17th Ave. Mall (between Wexner Center and Mershon Auditorium). SEE: http://cartoons.osu.edu/?q=exhibits/columbus-cartoonists-a-bicentennial-celebration

Conference examines past, present and future for Somalia – Jan. 27-28. “Somalia at Crossroads: Foreign Intervention, Humanitarian Crisis, and Aspirations for Statehood” takes place Friday (1/27)-Saturday (1/28) at several Ohio State locations including Hagerty Hall, 1775 College Rd.
Co-sponsored by SomaliCAN, the conference examines the complex situation in Somalia with an eye toward developing principled and pragmatic policy recommendations for post-transition political development. SEE: http://somalia.eventbrite.com/

The person listed as the CONTACT will have the most current information about the story. Call on our media relations staff for help with any Ohio State story: Liz Cook, (614) 292-7276 or cook.17@osu.edu; Shelly Hoffman, (614) 247-4748 or hoffman.511@osu.edu; Jim Lynch, (614) 247-4110 or lynch.270@osu.edu; or Amy Murray, (614) 292-8385 or murray-goedde.1@osu.edu