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Story Ideas for Media 1/25/10


Ohio State initiatives for Haiti disaster relief. Ohio State students are among those who are already making a difference and looking for ways to assist the Haitian people. Here are two initiatives:
•Buckeye Benefit Dinner for Haiti -- Feb. 1. A number of Ohio State student organizations, large and small, are joining together to raise funds for relief work in Haiti. A spaghetti dinner is planned from 5-8 p.m. next Monday (2/1) in the Tom Davis Gym at the Recreation & Physical Activity Center, 337 W. 17th Ave., with all proceeds designated to the American Red Cross work in Haiti. SEE: http://www.ohiounion.osu.edu/haiti/. In addition, other groups are collecting donations and soliciting ideas.

•Ohio State community invited to donate for Haiti disaster relief -- Ohio State students, faculty, staff and alumni are working together to raise money for Haiti disaster relief. All proceeds benefit Oxfam, an international development group with a strong presence in Haiti, that is working to distribute water and sanitation supplies to the Haitian people. SEE: http://www.buckeyesforhaiti.com/


Ohio State Study: Providing Nutrition Information at Restaurants Helps Consumers Cut Calories. An Ohio State University study provides more evidence that consumers pay attention to calorie counts of meals when they are provided conveniently.
The study collected data about choices consumers made among 12 entrees offered at a university dining center that operates much like a fast-food restaurant. Researchers found that when nutrition information was provided at the point-of-purchase, sales of high-calorie entrees dramatically decreased, while sales of lower-calorie items substantially increased.
The study offers strong evidence for requiring restaurants to provide nutrition information in a manner that doesn't require consumers to ask for it or look for it, said study co-author Gail Kaye, a professor of human nutrition at Ohio State.
Significantly, the restaurant lost nothing in sales during the study, Kaye said. The revenue per entree sold remained consistent before, during and after the nutrition information was offered. SEE: http://extension.osu.edu/news-releases/5513


Students host “little buddies” for tour of campus planetarium - Jan. 27. Ohio State students will host their “little buddies” (40 1st-4th graders) at 3 p.m. on Wednesday (1/27) for a tour of the Smith Lab planetarium, 174 W 18th Ave. The Ohio State students, members of the College Mentors for Kids organization, are offering the tour as their weekly activity with their “buddies” pertaining to higher education. While learning about stars, planets, constellations and outer space, they’ll learn what astronomers do and why college students choose to study astronomy. College Mentors for Kids is a national organization that pairs youth with local college student mentors for weekly activities that expose youth to the opportunities of higher education. CONTACT: Emily Langhals, langhals.31@osu.edu or Ilene Cohan, miller.4468@osu.edu. SEE: http://oia.osu.edu/taste-of-osu/1549-taste-of-osu-2010.html

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