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Story Ideas for Media 1/29/07


New report lists Ohio State partnerships in all 88 Ohio counties.
A class that uses weather to teach science to 4th graders, programs to introduce girls to engineering, and a center to study Native American earthworks are just three examples of the partnerships outlined in a new university report on the hundreds of cooperative efforts between Ohio State and more than 200 school districts across the state. The Ohio State University School Partnerships 2006 Summary offers a great resource for media interested in partnerships between Ohio State and public schools in all 88 Ohio counties.
A PDF version of the document is available at http://p12.osu.edu/resources.php
The partnerships listed in the 113-page guide are testimony to Ohio State's longstanding commitment to preschool-12th grade public education.
The partnerships range from a single class to a year-long project. They include initiatives in science, language and math education, health, college or career exploration, athletics, arts, youth development and many other areas. They represent untold hours of work by students, teachers, faculty, and staff, resulting in increased achievement, enriched experiences, and changed lives for the children and young people who have been touched by these efforts.
This is the second year for the guide, which last year documented only the partnerships between Ohio State and Columbus Public Schools. CONTACT: Nancy Nestor-Baker, (614) 688-3621.


Treatment for homeless youth pays off in long run, study finds.
One of the few studies examining methods to help homeless youth found that a comprehensive intervention program can indeed dramatically improve their life situation.
The six-month study of homeless youth in Albuquerque found that teens who completed the program significantly reduced their substance abuse and depression and increased their social stability, including the number of days living off the streets, compared to those who received standard treatment.
"Homeless youth are often seen as difficult to engage and difficult to treat," said Natasha Slesnick, lead author of the study and associate professor of human development and family science at Ohio State University.
"But what this study shows is that we can be successful in helping a group that is often seen as unreachable. We can successfully reduce their alcohol and drug use, and improve their social stability and psychological functioning." CONTACT: Natasha Slesnick, (614) 247-8469; Slesnick.5@osu.edu SEE: http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/homyouth.htm


Ohio State scientist looks for alternative ethanol sources.
Ohio State University agricultural engineer Fred Michel is available to speak with the media about his research on development and use of new, cheaper and more sustainable sources for production of ethanol. Alternative fuels are a top priority in the energy policy of President Bush, who recently called for investment in new methods of producing ethanol, using everything from wood chips to grasses to agricultural wastes.
Based at Ohio State's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) in Wooster, Michel is studying the potential to convert some of Ohio's abundant biomass resources — such as switchgrass, corn stover, wheat straw and waste paper, known as lignocellulosic feedstocks — to ethanol fuel. Last year, Michel spent nine months conducting research on lignocellulosic ethanol at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado. CONTACT: Fred Michel, (330) 263-3859 or michel.36@osu.edu, or Mauricio Espinoza, (330) 621-6541, espinoza.15@osu.edu

Faculty experts discuss "The Future of Moderate Republicanism" – Jan. 30.
Ohio State faculty will discuss "The Future of Moderate Republicanism" from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday (1/30) at the Wexner Center Film/Video Theater. Panelists include David Stebenne, associate professor of history and author of "Modern Republican: Arthur Larson and the Eisenhower Years"; Paul Beck, dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences; and moderator Nancy Rogers, dean of the Moritz College of Law. The panelists will look at the last time the moderates were in charge of the national GOP, why they lost control, and their prospects now for regaining influence in the party. CONTACT: Elizabeth Tarpy Alcalde, (614) 247-4462 or Shari Lorbach, (614) 688-4532.

Bobby Seale to deliver keynote address for United Black World Month celebration – Feb.1. Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party, will be the guest speaker for The Ohio State University kickoff of United Black World Month at 8 p.m. Thursday (2/1) in Hitchcock Hall Auditorium, 2070 Neil Ave. The event is free and open to the public but seating is limited.
"From Slavery to Freedom: Africans in the Americas" is the theme for the 37th annual celebration. Throughout the month, programs highlighting the accomplishments of African Americans in art, music, history and education will be featured.
Inspired by the teachings of Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr., Seale co-founded the civil rights and self-defense party while attending Merrill College in 1966. He will discuss the movement for social change that at one time mobilized more than 5,000 members nationally and the current struggle for civil and human rights.
The complete schedule of events is at www.mcc.osu.edu. CONTACT: Liz Cook, (614) 292-7276.

Ohio State University Trustees to meet – Feb. 1 and 2. The Ohio State University Board of Trustees and its committees will meet on Thursday and Friday, (2/1 and 2/2) at the Longaberger Alumni House, 2200 Olentangy River Road. The schedule includes meetings Thursday (2/1) of the Audit Committee at noon and the Affiliated Entities Committee at 3 p.m. Trustees will recess into executive session at 5:30 p.m. On Friday (2/2), the schedule includes meetings of the Medical Affairs Committee at 8 a.m., the Agricultural Affairs Committee at 8:15 a.m., the Investments Committee at 9 a.m., and the Fiscal and the Academic and Student Affairs committees at 9:30 a.m. The formal Board meeting will begin at 10:50 a.m. in the Sanders Grand Lounge. CONTACT: Shelly Hoffman, (614) 247-4748.

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