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Story Ideas for Media 2/13/12


Ohio State students celebrate John Glenn’s historic orbit of earth in Friendship 7. The Ohio State University will lead the celebration of John Glenn’s legacy on the 50th anniversary of his historic flight aboard Friendship 7 on February 20 by engaging students, NASA officials and the public policy community.
Throughout the week, the campus will mark the anniversary with numerous events for students including military-style fitness challenges, an academic lecture, a space trivia contest, a service project with Muskingum University, rides on campus busses as they “orbit” campus and free “Orbit” gum. SEE: http://osu.edu/johnglenn/other_events.html

Homage designs John Glenn commemorative t-shirt in light of the upcoming 50th anniversary. In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the flight of Friendship 7, Homage will be distributing vintage t-shirts at the February 20th gala at the Ohio State University.
After working closely with Ohio State on a number of projects, namely the Jesse Owens 75th Anniversary Celebration, Homage seized the opportunity to collaborate with the university and celebrate another significant event.
The t-shirt depicts John Glenn, suited for takeoff, and reads “Welcome back to earth, Glenn.” Homage hopes the shirt will serve as a retelling of John Glenn’s memorable flight for years to come, and will be available for purchase online and at stores on February 20th. CONTACT: Ryan Vesler, Homage, ryan@homage.com.
‘Do your best’ not a good enough goal to improve diabetes diet.
A specific goal to eat a set number of daily servings of low-glycemic-index foods can improve dietary habits of people with Type 2 diabetes, according to new research.
In the study led by Carla Miller, associate professor of human nutrition at Ohio State, participants were given a goal to eat either six or eight daily servings of foods with a low glycemic index – carbohydrates that are digested slowly and are less likely to spike blood-sugar levels than would carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.
Overall, most participants reached the eight-serving goal, partly because researchers discovered that many people were already consuming about six servings of low-glycemic-index foods each day.
The participants also ate about 500 fewer daily calories and added vegetables, fruits and nuts and seeds to their diet – all foods that are on the low end of the glycemic index.
“We ask people to set goals because they motivate action,” said Miller. “Telling people to ‘go out and do your best’ is not effective. It’s not specific enough, or targeted enough, or timely.” CONTACT: Emily Caldwell, (614) 292-8310; caldwell.151@osu.edu. SEE: http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/foodgoals.htm

Million Hearts Campaign launches at Ohio State – Feb. 14.
Valentine’s Day offers a special heart-saving campaign at Ohio State with the launch of the Million Hearts local campaign. The Million Hearts Campaign is a national initiative to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes over the next five years. Ohio State is supporting this effort by offering free biometric health screenings and education to all faculty, staff, spouses, and students. Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center, College of Nursing, and Office of Human Resources Your Plan for Health offer the campaign with free biometric health screenings and education to all faculty, staff, spouses, and students. The College of Nursing and Ross Heart Hospital will have stations open to the public that cover the ABCs of of heart disease and stroke (cardiovascular disease) prevention. Save your life or the life of someone you love. SEE: http://millionhearts.osu.edu/

Lecture explores what it means to be spiritual but not religious – Feb. 16. Ohio State’s Humanities Institute offers, “What does it mean to be Spiritual but not Religious?” at 7 p.m. on Thursday (2/16) First Community Church North Campus, 3777 Dublin Rd. The lecture, by Linda Mercadante, professor theology at The Methodist Theological School in Ohio, is part of an ongoing series of events, “Conversations in the Humanities with Fred Andrle,” featuring leading experts discussing significant contemporary issues, in conversation with Institute associate Fred Andrle. CONTACT: Fred Andrle, andrle.1@osu.edu, (614) 292-2638. SEE: https://huminst.osu.edu/events/what-does-it-mean-be-spiritual-not-religious.

College of Social Work hosts workshop in response to recent sexual abuse scandals – Feb. 22. Millions watched The Oprah Show as Dr. Howard Fradkin offered hope and inspiration to male survivors of sexual abuse. On February 22, from 1 - 4 p.m., Fradkin will lead a workshop to enhance participants’ ability to recognize sexual victimization and identify survivors of sexual abuse. This workshop is especially relevant in light of the recent sexual abuse scandals that have occurred throughout the country. It is targeted toward the campus community, athletic directors, administrators, child-care facility workers, parents, and human service professionals and will be held the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom in the Ohio Union, 1739 N. High St. CONTACT: Frankie Jones-Harris, (614) 292-3540, (614) 330-2206, or jones-harris.1@osu.edu.

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