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Story Ideas for Media 9/3/08


Football and heat = dangerous combination.
The heat, even in September, can take a disastrous toll on football fans. More than 100 fans at the Ohio State vs. Youngstown State game were treated for heat-related injuries, including dehydration. Expecting another hot football Saturday this weekend, Dr. Colin Kaide, an emergency department physician at OSU Medical Center who treated several of the fans who required hospital care, said anyone outside in the sun and heat for extended periods of time should drink abundant amounts of water to prevent heat illnesses. He said older persons are more susceptible to the heat and need to be extra cautious to avoid dehydration. Water is available in and around Ohio Stadium from vendors and water fountains. Light-colored clothing and taking short breaks in sun-protected areas can also be beneficial. CONTACT: OSU Medical Center; (614) 293-3737.


New Orleans dodged Hurricane Gustav bullet, but OSU expert continues to urge: "Let the water decide."
One of the nation's leading wetland experts, Ohio State professor Bill Mitsch has a strong opinion about rebuilding New Orleans following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: "Let the water decide" the location of the city. He says much of New Orleans is below sea level and continues to sink. Mitsch and other scientists say while it is feasible to rebuild the city to its former design, it is neither sustainable nor desirable. He supports using ecological engineering principles to restore the wetlands of the Mississippi Delta to protect the area from another hurricane. A champion of wetlands, Mitsch has spent much of his 30+-year career studying how these ecosystems work, and how to preserve and restore them. Mitsch is Ohio State Distinguished Professor of Environment and Natural Resources (Wetland Ecology) and director of the Wilma H. Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park. CONTACT: Bill Mitsch, 614-292-9774.


First bowtie in space returns home – Sept. 5.
NASA astronaut and Ohio State alum Dr. Richard Linnehan will present President Gee with the bowtie that he took aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor earlier this year. Dr. Linnehan will make the presentation of "the first bowtie in space" at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Café at 7:45 p.m. on Friday (9/5) during the College of Veterinary Medicine's annual Alumni Reunion Weekend dinner.
While in space, Endeavor conducted groundbreaking construction efforts at the International Space Station. The bowtie – a trademark of President Gee - was carried into space by Dr. Linnehan as a special favor to the College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Linnehan, a 1985 graduate of the college, was selected by NASA in 1992, and logged over 43 days in space as a Mission Specialist prior to his flight last spring. CONTACT: Melissa Weber, (614) 292-3752.

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