12:00 AM

Students display their research projects at Ohio State's Undergraduate Research Forum

The increasing popularity of undergraduate research at Ohio State is illustrated as some of the university's best and brightest undergraduates display their projects in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. The annual event, which will display the work of students in all undergraduate research areas, is from noon to 5 p.m. on Wednesday (5/16) at the French Field House, 460 Woody Hayes Drive.

Featured projects include:
• The feasibility of making fuel from eggshells
• The influence of urban noise on bird songs
• Engineering a Safe, Effective Mosquitocide
• Converting a Car's Heat to Electricity
• Big Impact: Ohio State Leaves Sizeable Footprint on Environment
• Sulfite-free Wines, Grape Juice
• Clothing Labels Create Social Awareness
• Natural Filters to Clean Polluted Water for Reuse
• Gum Disease Bacteria Linked To Smoking Habits
• Electronics Track Subatomic Particles
• Teens' Body Image Relates to Diet, Exercise
• How Religious Beliefs Affect Views on the War on Terror
• Melting of Greenland Glaciers -- Did it Also Happen in the 1930s?

WHAT: Ohio State undergraduates display their cool research projects at Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

WHEN: Wednesday (5/16) from noon to 5 p.m.

WHERE: French Field House, 460 Woody Hayes Drive