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Sue Mayer to Retire

     COLUMBUS -- Sue Mayer, a senior administrator at The Ohio
State University, today (8/26) announced her retirement effective
the end of September.  President E. Gordon Gee called her "one of
Ohio State's great citizens."
     Mayer, who is special assistant to the president for campus
and community relations, has served as special assistant to both
presidents Edward Jennings and Gee.  She also was a member of the
national search committees that brought presidents Harold Enarson
(1972) and Jennings (1981) to the university.
     Since 1991, Mayer has directed the office responsible for
Ohio State's campus-based relations with local organizations and
events, including the United Way and Operation Feed Campaigns,
and United Negro College Fund events; the campus ministry and
campus tour program; liaison with university-area organizations;
and the new Ohio State Parents' Association, initiated by Gee.
Begun in 1991, the parents' group has more than 2,000 members.
     "Her administration of these important areas has been
fundamental to the high level of cooperation and support the
university has with its neighbors and the other major non-profit
organizations in Columbus," Gee said. " Sue has made thousands of
friends for the university, and for that we can never thank her
     From 1981 to 1991, Mayer was responsible for the day-to-day
operations of the president's office, the Office of Special
Events, and special projects.
     Her career started at Ohio State when she was a student and
worked in the Department of Medical Records at University
Hospitals in 1959.
     In turn, she was a technical assistant in the Department of
Medicine, assistant to the associate dean of medicine, and
administrative associate to the vice provost for curriculum in
the university's Office of Academic Affairs.  From 1971-1980, she
was executive assistant to the director of the university's
Alumni Association.
     A graduate of the Columbus Area Leadership Program in 1987,
Mayer is a member of the National Association for Women Deans,
Administrators and Counselors of the American Management
Association.  She serves on the boards of the Children's Hospital
Development Fund, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, and
the Columbus AIDS Task Force.
     She also is a member of the Victorian Village Society, and
is active in the United Negro College Fund and YWCA.

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