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Thanks for voting, Ohio State News readers!

The award for coolest science story goes to...

In an online celebration earlier this month, a team of researchers from the Department of Psychology was awarded the trophy for the 2020 “Coolest Science Story of the Year” at The Ohio State University.

Morley Stone, senior vice president for research, helped the Ohio State News team present the award to Zeynep Saygin, assistant professor, and Jin Li, graduate student, both in psychology. They won for their study that discovered that the human brain is “pre-wired” to see words and letters.

Stone presented Saygin with $500 for winning the contest.

And you, Ohio State News readers, were the ones who made it happen, by voting in the third annual Coolest Science Story contest. Saygin and her team were one of five contenders for this year’s award.

The original study was published in the journal Scientific Reports. Ohio State News featured it in an Oct. 22 story by Jeff Grabmeier.

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